Friends, Followers and Readers Welcome: This site has been set-up to enable you to share your news, views and snippets of world news. Whether it is a picture or video just tell it and send it across our news network and spread your news. I have listed all our sites below but our full list can be found here: Ace News Services 

Ace Worldwide News:  

  1. Ace News Services
  2. Ace Finance News  
  3. Ace Food News      
  4. Ace Social Media News    
  5. Ace British History  
  6. Ace History News 
  7. Ace Friends News 
  8. Ace Sales News  
  9. Ace News Room
  10. Ace Breaking News
  11. Ace News Group 
  12. Ace Scottish News  
  13. Ace Shop News – Coming soon ……  


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