#JusticeForMarwah: Condemnation On Child Rape Case

In yet another shocking event, a five year old girl identified as Marwah was kidnapped and raped earlier last week in Karachi city.

After the autopsy was performed it has been established that underage Marwah had been raped and burnt before being dumped in the garbage. It also reveals signs of strong physical abuse and a blunt force trauma to the head.

Though the culprits of this barbaric crime has yet to be identified, the police is cited to have taken into custody one local man. He has yet to confess to his crime, as per latest police reports. 

Since the discovery and confirmation of her rape, angry residents of the locality have staged a street protest after her burial took place and demanded swift action against the perpetrator.

The shocking incident has sparked wide spread outrage and condemnation by Pakistanis from all walks of life and yet again Pakistani netizens have taken to social media to seek answers from the establishment.

Many twitter users have also stressed that its high time that child sexual abuse is taken seriously and the need for better protection of minors in the country all while demanding justice.

The hashtag,

Many people have raised the questions over the security and safety of children while others are questioning the efficiency of access to justice and the responsibilities of concerned authorities in charge of preventing rising incidents of child abuse in Pakistan.

There are little words to express my rage and anger at this shocking incident which in our society continue with impunity as there is no proper legislation to protect children in the country. I ask to the Government of Pakistan and the highest body as to how many more

The Human Lens condemns in the strongest sense this act of lunacy and joins the Pakistanis in our collective condemn that the State intervene immediately to deliver justice for the departed little Marwah.

#JusticeForMarwah: Condemnation On Child Rape Case