New Research on the Possible Effects of Micro-and Nano-plastics on Marine Animals #OurWorld Jennet Orayeva, IAEA Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications 3 minutes

According to the UN Environment Programme, 8 million tonnes of plastic end up the world’s oceans every year, often carried there by rivers. If the trend continues, by 2050 our oceans could contain more plastic than fish.

Environmental plastic pollution has become a major ecological and societal concern. Plastic pollutants vary widely in size, from large debris, such as fishing nets and single-use plastic bags, to invisible nano-sized plastic particles. While the visible impact of large plastic debris, so-called macroplastics, in marine environments has been well documented, the potential harm caused by microplastics and even more by nanoplastics is much less clear.

Plastic particles below 5 mm in length are called microplastics. The smaller ones, with a size equal to or less than 100 nm (1/10 000 mm) are called nanoplastics. They are so tiny that one cannot see them with naked eye or even with an ordinary optical microscope.

Microplastic particles are accidentally consumed by marine organisms, which are then consumed by predator fish. Nanoplastic particles are even more toxic to living organisms as they are more likely to be absorbed through the walls of digestive tracts and thereby transported into the tissues and organs. Consequently, such plastic particles can interfere with various physiological processes, from neurotransmission to oxidative stress and immunity levels of freshwater and marine organisms.

Over the last decade, the global scientific community has invested substantial work into advancing the knowledge of the impact of plastic debris on diverse aquatic organisms. However, monitoring methods for small microplastics and nanoplastics are still in the development phase, which means that their exact concentration in the oceans remains unknown.

“This is where nuclear technology can play an important role,” added Metian. “Nuclear and isotopic techniques are already successfully used to study pollution processes. Their advantage is that they are highly sensitive and precise and can be used similarly to study small microplastic and nanoplastic movement and impact.”

At the same time, from a toxicology perspective, it is important to distinguish the toxicity of plastic particles per se from the toxicity associated with the contaminants that can become attached to them. To date, research into the effects of virgin micro and nano-sized plastic particles in freshwater and marine fish is still limited, hence the increased focus on investigating the toxicity of virgin plastics at the IAEA.

New Research on the Possible Effects of Micro-and Nano-plastics on Marine Animals

Selected businesses remain closed as South Africa enters curfew from 01May #SunShinySA Kavitha

South Africa is set to enter a new phase of lockdown beginning next week Friday (1 May) – introducing a curfew while we will also see limited return of the workforce.

The curfew will start at 20h00 and run until 05h00 each day, as the country begins to ease restrictions – through a tiered system – in a bid to get the economy back up and running.

This comes after health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize confirmed that there are now 4,361 positive Covid-19 cases in South Africa.

Mkhize also reported that the number of deaths from the coronavirus now stands at 86, up from the 79 deaths reported on Friday.

Government on Saturday put in the public domain a draft framework for a Risk-Adjusted Strategy to bring different sectors of the economy under Level Four of the Lockdown back to work as announced by president Cyril Ramaphosa.

Approximately 1.5 million additional South Africans will from 1 May return to work under the new terms.

Link here

Selected businesses remain closed as South Africa enters curfew from 1 May

Croatia: It’s Time To Get Rid Of Communist Nebulosities // Croatia, the War, and the Future

Zeljko Glasnovic, MP in Croatian Parliament for Croats abroad
Photo: Screenshot 24/04/2020

Now is the time to get rid of these nebulosities from the past. We have been listening to the Partisan ‘truth’ for far too long. Opponents of revision, as well as the promoters of historical forgery, want to hide crimes and the criminals; and the truth. But in vain. No one can stop the truth!” (Zeljko Glasnovic, MP, Croatian Parliament 24 April 2020)

The English historian Edward Augustus Freeman defined history as “Politics of the past” and Sir John Seeley extended the concept into saying that “History is past politics; and politics present history.” In the case of May 1945 Bleiburg massacres, as well as massacres and murders also committed post WWII by the former Yugoslavia communists of hundreds of thousands of innocent Croatian people who fought for or were associated with the efforts for an Independent State of Croatia, the fact that often vocalised reasons for these mass murders and massacres (and over 1000 of mass graves of victims of communist crimes have been unearthed in Croatia so far!) remain to this day un-condemned on a national level speaks volumes into the truth behind Freeman’s and Seeley’s above mentioned assertions. Croatia’s former communists at heart and current ones like to call themselves antifascists! Given the murderous history of communist regime in Croatia, in former Yugoslavia, this label or name they have usurped for themselves actually gives antifascism, which the West has known and knows, the connotations of profound darkness and human depravity.

Psychological science argues that all human beings have a constant need to improve their sense of self and belonging. This seems to depend on historical, cultural, and situational context of a nation.

By the end of the 20th century there was much talk worldwide of the decline of the nation-state: the institutions that had once defined politics appeared to have been bypassed and undermined by ‘globalisation’ on the one hand and consumerist, empowered individuals on the other. In this period of the 21st century, particularly given the national priorities installed within each nation for itself due to COVID-19 coronavirus crisis and significant economic downturns, significant potential exists for the “people” to be active in the making of their nation’s history. To revisit their history particularly when that history as is the case with Croatia was written to represent an overwhelming lie designed to vilify a nation of people. Former Yugoslav communists were masters at that and today’s powers that be are not far from this as they continue defending the indefensible despite the fact that even the European Union Parliament has recently declared the former communist regimes of its member states – criminal!

Andrej PLenkovic (L) Croatian Prime Minister, Zpran Milanovic (C), President of Croatia, Goran Jandrokovic (R), President of Croatian Parliament. In Jasenovac 22 April 2020
Photo: WDR/Darko Bandic

Last week in Croatia was particularly a painful one for Croatians and indeed, a very strong herald for the absolute necessity to change Croatia’s political leadership, from the President down! During these times when due to COVID-19 coronavirus restrictions throughout the world all public commemorations, memorial gatherings and the like, have been cancelled as per restrictions to social distancing towards minimising risks of the virus spread in the community Croatia’s leaders have decided to break their own rules and measures and held a public gathering, commemoration for the victims of WWII Jasenovac camp but have cancelled (due to risk of coronavirus spread!) the Bleiburg commemoration that was to be held mid-May. Jasenovac camp symbolises the crimes of the WWII Independent State of Croatia regime, while Bleiburg symbolises the vast and vaster crimes of the Yugoslav communist regime. The Jasenovac camp history has been under historical revision by a number of historians and their work and discoveries show and point to an entirely different truth about the camp than the one Yugoslav communist operatives and their allies had written after WWII. The discoveries and historical fact findings that the Jasenovac camp was kept open until 1951/52 and contains masses of communist crimes victims (recorded in history as victims of WWII Croatia regime!) are being suppressed and research into the historical truth increasingly suppressed by the powers that be. The same goes for the overwhelming enormity of victims and mass graves of victims of communist crimes discovered so far across Croatia.

To add salt to the wounds of Croatians, independence-loving Croatians, while attending the Jasenovac camp memorial on 22 April 2020 President Zoran Milanovic (former Social Democratic Party/SDP Prime Minister of Croatia) had gone truly too far, insulting the 1990’s Croatian Homeland War veterans, insulting the fallen defenders of Croatia, insulting the very foundation upon which today’s independent Croatia exists. In Jasenovac, regarding the plaque honouring 11 fallen Croatian Defence Forces’ soldiers in Jasenovac in 1990’s, he said that “the HOS plaque (commemorating the fallen in the Homeland War) should be discarded, thrown away somewhere because it bears no connection to the Homeland War” (!). Then he went about saying: “They who fought with ‘For Homeland Ready’ slogan (Za Dom Spremni) in 1991 did not only fight for Croatia but also for the restoration of the state that came into existence in 1941.” My goodness can a nation which won its independence, after 94% of voters voted to secede from communist Yugoslavia and war of brutal Serbian/Yugoslav aggression ensued, be served a worst blow than this one, which its President had served upon it! I do believe that the President, in saying what he did, brutally breached the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia he presides over. Milanovic attempted to simmer down the widespread protests and revulsions his statements had caused by saying that he did not mean to “devalue the sacrifice and bravery of those who had fallen and whose names are on the Jasenovac plaque”.

He must not be let off that lightly!

War veterans’ associations and Croatia’s war veterans’ minister, Tomo Medved, have condemned President Zoran Milanovic for his above statements. “I strongly condemn the statement made by President Zoran Milanovic… because it undermines the sacrifice of Croatian defenders, members of the Croatian Defence Forces,” his Press Release said. “I underline that the unfounded stigmatisation of Croatian war veterans cannot be the official position of the Republic of Croatia,” he added. But guess what, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic has kept conspicuously silent on this matter, so one truly needs to question the resolve of official Croatia on words stated by Medved! But then, both Milanovic and Plenkovic never volunteered to fight in the defence of Croatia from Serbian/Yugoslav brutal military aggression in the 1990’s! They made themselves scarce and now enjoy the fruits from the sacrifice of others!

Lylian Fournier (L) Jean-Michel Nicollier (R)
Photo: Screenshots

Croatians were truly touched by the reactionary letter to President Milanovic after his statements in Jasenovac written last week by the mother (Lylian Fournier) of Jean-Michel Nicollier, a French volunteer fighter in the Croatian Homeland War for independence who was killed in action:

I am thinking about how to begin this address to you, President, above all, to the heart of the dear Croatia in which the bones of my HOS volunteer son lie. I’m sure you’ve heard of him, my son, my child, my Jean-Michel.

He was, you know, about the same age as you were when the Greater Serbian aggression against the Republic of Croatia began, and he came to help a nation of which you are now President, and now he could have been having coffee with his family and friends somewhere in Paris. But no, he went where he felt he needed to go, to Croatia, to Vukovar, while you did the opposite, you left Croatia.

My son and Croatian volunteers have made it possible for you to be the President of this country today, which is obviously more mine than yours, according to your statement today, which deeply hurt not only me, but all mothers still seeking their sons’ remains who gave their lives for this beautiful country, all those who defended it while you were waiting for war to be over. And finally, the victorious Croatian army created the foundation of present-day Croatia, and instead of being proud of it, you are clearly longing for the past times, because saying this today, that the plaque for the fallen Hosovians should be removed and cast away is a reflection of your longing for regret, for a failed communist creation. President, you spat on all the sacrifice of Croatian veterans, on the brave knights who, through their lives, weaved themselves into the foundations of present-day Croatia, you spat on all parents of the fallen, missing and deceased Croatian veterans, their families, all proud Croats and Croats who to your regret are still here!…

I reject with disgust this statement of yours from today, you should feel ashamed if there is any humanity in you. Because that son could have been you if you knew how to love, it just seems to me that your bones and your monument would obviously be on the other side of the river Danube. My heart beats for my son, my Hosovian, my Frenchman, and again more a Croat than you will ever be, for my Jean-Michel. And I, his mother, to this day, when I am 75, proudly, from the depths of my soul, I cry FOR HOMELAND READY, and you, you should be ashamed for grossly hurting the feelings of brave people. May dear God forgive you, I cannot!

Not only have the Yugoslav communists and their sympathisers of today’s Croatia, that hold power in the country, at every step, at every opportunity continued the psychological warfare of lies against Croatia and Croatians that hold freedom from both former Yugoslavias dear but they do it without shame, without an ounce of truth or reference pertaining to the backbone of the fight for independence and democracy. Certainly, the terrible cycle of hatred and hate speech instigated by President Milanovic at Jasenovac last week should be extinguished with vicious and determined force.

Zoran Milanovic, President of Croatia (top)
Andrej Plenkovic, Prime Minister of Croatia (bottom)

On 24 April 2020, retired general Zeljko Glasnovic, Independent Member of Croatian Parliament for Croats living outside of Croatia, gave a speech in the parliament that reflects the current escalation in political mood within the large patriotic body politic in Croatia. It remains to be seen whether political forces will emerge to actually at the coming General elections due towards the end of this year deliver changes in Croatia. Changes (away from communism and communist inheritance) have been desperately needed since the Homeland War ended but the need for them so acutely felt post President Milanovic’s repugnant and evilly tendentious statement in Jasenovac.

Now is the time to learn the true history, not what we have been listening to for fifty years and are still listening to these days; history is a branch of science, not a tell-tale. There are so many lies being written on Yugoportals; a lie detector would fall apart from them and there are also nebulosities being spread – I would say misinformation campaigns related to the past, not so distant past, and we are looking at the consequences of that system today. For example, we look at unresolved property title issues… these are all consequences of the former system. Some people mention revisionism. What is revisionism? Well, every one of those Yugo-nationalists took the jargon on. Revision is the backbone of every scientific branch, revisions, meaning any new discoveries are open to interpretation. I wonder are these mass graves around Zagreb, Zapresic, are a revision of history? This is new evidence of the criminal regime some are defending here. Evidence… Now is the time to get rid of these nebulosities from the past – we’ve been listening to this Partisan truth for long enough…,” said Zeljko Glasnovic among other things in parliament on Friday 24 April (see video of that speech in Croatian language below).

Revision and research of history are vital for and meaningful particularly to the nation (Croatia) that has spent the 20th century being denied historical truth and fact, and as a result, the sense of belonging to one nation is dichotomous. The disquieting dichotomy, which erodes a sense of nation, can only in Croatia’s case, be remedied or reduced by revising and researching history without the process being labelled – revisionism with negative connotations. Psychologically, it is understandable, but not acceptable, that those who or whose ancestors have benefitted personally from the atrocities of the former Yugoslavia communist regime will fight tooth-and-nail not to admit to the grave sins of their fathers, or themselves. Not only are the communist mass murders and purges of innocent people at the forefront of this needed historical reconciliation and revision but also the amassment of wealth through corruption and theft. They, the former communists and their sympathisers are not going to voluntarily or with contrition give up the good life they, with criminal activities, secured for themselves, their families. This must be done with resolve and force by those who truly want Croatia to prosper, democracy to prosper. Lustration must occur; condemnation of the communist Yugoslavia regime must occur. There is no time like the present! Ina Vukic

Željko Glasnović sabor 24 travnja 2020 5 min


Source: // Croatia, the War, and the Future

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A thread written by @JohnWHuber: “I notice that none of the blue ticks quoting the Senate Intel report have mentioned Comey being quoted ”

I notice that none of the blue ticks quoting the Senate Intel report have mentioned Comey being quoted about the Steele dossier:“I insisted that we bring it to the party”🤔Or that the only version of the ICA that included the dossier was the most highly classified version that went directly to President ObamaOr that the ICA makes zero reference to Russian disinformation as a potential risk to the Steele dossier, despite the FBI having that information at the timeOr that the ICA Annex A (a summary of the dossier) “does not mention the private clients who paid for Steele’s work.”, despite multiple people within DOJ, FBI knowing this (and likely other agencies too)Or that the two page “summary” of the dossier in Annex A (which is supposedly not even an IC product or classified itself) has still never been released so we can see what was actually presented to President Obama and POTUS-elect TrumpOr that this “two page annex” of the dossier is supposedly not part of the ICA, but those are the exact two pages that were supposed to be privately briefed to Trump, except Comey just told Trump about the Moscow hookers insteadOr that Bill Priestap told Congress under oath that quote, “the FBI didn’t want to stand behind it [the dossier]” on April 13 2017.A week earlier the FBI had “stood behind” the dossier allegations in the 3rd FISA request on @carterwpage. And it would get a 4th FISA in June!Or that the report can’t even get basic facts right, saying that Crossfire Hurricane was officially opened on “July 30” 2016. It was July 31. Who fact checked this?I also notice nobody is clamoring for the “fully unredacted” version of this report like with Mueller, or accusing Burr of a “cover up” like with Barr. This report is 70-80% redactions, easily. No facts/intel about Putin’s so-called “preference for Trump” is unredacted. Zero.

Source: A thread written by @JohnWHuber: “I notice that none of the blue ticks quoting the Senate Intel report have mentioned Comey being quoted […]”

A thread written by @JohnWHuber: “I notice that none of the blue ticks quoting the Senate Intel report have mentioned Comey being quoted ”

COVID19: Emerging Problems In Thailand Deep South, Pattani

As Thailand braces the growing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there seems little respite for the communities of Patani undergoing the military conflict and fresh problems have emerged.

Already, among the most impoverished, Deep South provinces populations have an average household income of 15,000 to 20,000 baht (U.S. $459 to $612) per month, compared with 45,000 baht ($1,377) in Bangkok and with new restrictions to combat the pandemic, the economic impact has started to take its toll on people.

As the region’s economy depends heavily on exports of its rubber, palm oil and fishing stock, the COVID-19 curbs have caused a slump under the impositions of lock-down in the southern provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat by Thai authorities.

As the numbers of COVID-19 cases have shot up in Thailand, to 2,811 infected and 48 deaths so far, the country temporarily closed its nine border checkpoints on March 22, 2020 – in a move to prevent the spread of the virus.

Therefore the access points, whether by land, sea, and air, are closed until April 30 with provinces also ordering their own shutdowns and restrictions.

Additionally, foreign visitors are effectively banned from entering the country with only members of diplomatic missions and holders of work permits able to enter. And overseas Thai nationals wishing to return back are ordered to present fit-to-fly health certificates. Thailand has suspended visa on arrival and also cancelled all incoming flights from Europe and other COVID-19 epicenters.

The country also shares a border with Malaysia, where number of corona virus cases have shot up leaving no choice but to seal off their national borders. That alone has resulted in nearly 100,000 Thai nationals that are working – many from deep south to become trapped by the Malaysia lock-down.

The trapped Thai nationals had to wait for weeks before the authorities recently relented by announcing the opening of the partial five border crossings that allow on a daily basis a maximum of 350 Thai citizens to return from Malaysia.

Under military control due to the on-going liberation movement, military command has planned 2,500 rooms to quarantine the incoming Thai returnees as a safeguard against the virus.

Another situation that has been brought to notice by our official partner organization, NSI, is the problem faced by foreign spouses of Patani ethnicity Thai nationals that are currently stranded across border in Malaysia.

The NSI team is working on assisting several foreign spouses, including Indonesian women who are currently stuck and unable to return to heir families in Patani, Thailand.  So far, little attention has been given to stranded spouses of Thai nationals that cannot enter Thailand due to COVID-19 restrictions and embassies have yet to address the individual cases.

This is a developing story at The Human Lens, with additional reporting from Mr. Adrian Pereira, North South Initiative – Malaysia. 

#Pattani #DeepSouth #COVID19

COVID19: Emerging Problems In Thailand Deep South, Pattani

Will COVID-19 Retire the World’s Policeman?

For declaring in March that the U.S. economy might be reopened by Easter, President Donald Trump was roundly mocked.

Yet, it appears his political instincts were correct. He was more in tune with his country than were his critics.

By early Easter week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the governors of six states in the New York-New Jersey region had formed a consortium to synchronize the opening of their economies. California’s Gavin Newsom and the governors of Washington and Oregon had done the same.

The governors may disagree on the timing, May 1 or May 15, but most agree with Trump. America cannot remain shut down for months without lasting damage to the livelihood and lives of millions of citizens who are about to be shoved into a new Great Depression.

Twenty-two million Americans are now unemployed.

However, something just jolted the gathering consensus over the need to reopen soon. Tuesday and Wednesday, the U.S. set records for the numbers of fatalities from the virus. Tuesday it was 2,364 dead, the following day 2,371. That put the national casualty total above 30,000.

The U.S. did not record its first coronavirus fatality until Feb. 29. It took 38 days after that to reach 10,000. However, it took only nine days to vault from 10,000 fatalities to more than 30,000.

The ominous implication: If this 2,300-dead-per-day figure is near the new normal, we would surpass the 61,000 fatalities projected for the duration of the pandemic — in two weeks!

Even if we reduce the Tuesday-Wednesday average daily death toll by over half, to 1,000 deaths a day, that would mean 44,000 more dead for a total of 75,000 by June 1.

What makes COVID-19 worse than the flu?

The coronavirus is more easily transmissible. It is more savage in how it maims immune systems. It is more lethal, killing far more of the infected than the regular flu, though we do not know exactly how much more lethal. For we have no hard number of those who carry or have carried the virus asymptomatically.

Nor we do know whether having survived COVID-19 renders one immune to a new infection. Since the medical experts are predicting a second wave of the virus in late summer or fall, this is no small matter.

And seeing what happened on the carrier Theodore Roosevelt, the coronavirus could have a major impact on U.S. global commitments.

Americans were already coming home from the Middle East, drawing down our 12,000 troops in Afghanistan after a deal with the Taliban, and moving our 5,000 troops in Iraq into fewer bases.

We have disengaged from the Saudi war against the Houthi rebels in Yemen and are drawing down our forces in Syria.

In Libya’s civil war, it is Russians, Turks, Egyptians and Gulf Arabs, not Americans, who are the supporting actors.

American soft power is also in retreat from the world.

Some 10,000 Peace Corps volunteers have been brought home. Scores of thousands of U.S. citizens have been repatriated by the State Department. We have shut the door to Europe, China, the world.

What now becomes of the U.S. geostrategic “pivot,” the shift of planes, troops, ships and bases from the Middle and Near East to the Indo-Pacific theater to contain a rising China?

And contain China with what?

The Roosevelt has been ravaged by the coronavirus. As of Tuesday, 589 cases of COVID-19 were reported from a crew of 4,800. Four thousand sailors in Guam are in various stages of a 14-day isolation period in hotels and spare rooms across the island.

But it is not just the Roosevelt. Every U.S. warship — carriers, cruisers, frigates, destroyers, subs — has cramped quarters conducive to the spread of the coronavirus.

How many of these vessels will soon be doubling as hospital ships?

The same question might also be asked of the U.S. Army and Marine barracks in South Korea, Japan, Australia and Okinawa.

There are allegations that the coronavirus did not originate in the Wuhan “wet market” where bats are sold for food but instead escaped through a horrible blunder in a Chinese bioweapons laboratory a few miles away.

Whatever the truth, the Wuhan virus appears to have become the most effective means of disabling U.S. hard and soft power that we have encountered in many a decade.

Of those 10,000 Peace Corp volunteers, and scores of thousands of other Americans who have been repatriated home, how many of these “soft power” soldiers will be going back after they have been out of their host country for 18 months?
Will this pandemic prove the decisive factor in America’s retreat from global hegemony?

With the U.S. budget deficit for 2020 originally set at $1 trillion, now triple that, there is going to be a hard reckoning for the allocation of our diminished resources after the nation reopens.

And policing the planet is likely to be seen as yesterday’s priority, and a primary candidate for discard.

By Patrick J. Buchanan
Source: Creators

Will COVID-19 Retire the World’s Policeman?

Appeal: Stop the new attempt to occupy Croatia! // Croatia, the War, and the Future

Dr Srecko Sladoljev

MEDIA MOBBING: Croatia’s self-proclaimed, leftist (if not communist nostalgic), fact-checker Faktograf accuses others of posting inaccuracies when they themselves spread falsehoods and inaccuracies. The following text was received with a plea for help from Croatians living abroad in order to lobby for eradication of such biased approach to confusing and twisting the truth which, it is said, has the ability to influence public opinion. Hence, anyone wishing to join the lobby please note the contact details at the end of this text. Ina Vukic

Appeal: Stop the new attempt to occupy Croatia!
// Croatia, the War, and the Future

My coronavirus lockdown

Easing into my third month of in-house isolation; I started on February 17th, at noon. I do it for myself, my family and everyone else. I don’t think…

My coronavirus lockdown

NEWS DIGEST 18.04.2020: Help and fundraising for pandemic communities #HEMNA

This morning’s news digest comes via Facebook as a source. East London’s Newham Council announced yesterday that while bin collection services to the borough’s residents will continue, other council services will be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. These include housing, libraries and in-house civic operations. Statuses of particular services are being updated on the council website – Coronavirus service disruptions and updates (Newham London)

Metro reports on the fundraiser organised by Yorkshire-born war veteran Capt. Tom Moore who walked 100 laps of his back garden in Bedfordshire county to raise money for the NHS (National Health Service). Over 1 million people have donated to Moore’s charity drive, netting healthcare providers £20 million – Captain Tom Moore raises £20,000,000 for NHS as donations continue to flood in (Metro)

UK supermarket chain Co-op is calling all ‘local heroes’ to support their food charity and give meals to local communities hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the decline in donations to food banks. So far the retailer has helped direct £1.5 million to charity partner FareShare to provide essentials to over 4,000 community food banks. People interested in donating can send an SMS saying ‘MEALS’ to 70490 to donate £10 – Working together (Co-op)

The Times newspaper reports that over 15,000 people a day are entering the UK via air without being screened, according to an admission by the country’s health secretary Matt Hancock. Many of the passengers were coming in from other countries struck significantly by coronavirus, including China, America and Italy. They are not required to undergo health checks or mandatory quarantine – Coronavirus: Flights bring 15,000 people a day to UK without screening (The Times)

The New Statesman drew attention to the pre-lockdown period of eleven days before the beginning of the nationwide quarantine in the UK on March 23rd, 2020, which it says may have contributed to the country being unable to keep on top of managing the outbreak. The government decided not to bring in preventative measures, despite urges for action from other countries such as Italy that were further along the curve – The eleven days that may have tragically cost the UK in the fight against coronavirus (NewStatesman)

Lastly, yesterday, the mayor of HEM News Agency‘s own home borough, Redbridge, has blasted local residents who continue to disregard the curfew a month in. Mayor Jas Athwal published a photo of a council enforcement vehicle on his official Facebook page, stating that on the night of 16-17 April, 2020, fifty people gathered at Barkingside Recreation Ground in direct violation of government guidelines. Enforcement officers who dispersed the gathering were met with abuse. The mayor described the incident as ‘totally unacceptable’ and vowed to continue enforcing the lockdown and prosecute people who target the council’s enforcement team as they work in protecting Redbridge’s residents.

NEWS DIGEST 18.04.2020: Help and fundraising for pandemic communities

Croatia: Corruption and COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis #CroatiaWar&Future

While issues and matters relating to COVID-19 (coronavirus) is and has for some weeks now been overshadowing everything else there’s no doubt that …

Croatia: Corruption and COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis