SCORTCHED EARTH: Toxic Agriculture and the Gates Foundation – ByColin Todhunter | RIELPOLITIK #TonyTran2105

Comment by tonytran2015: Around 1990, there was many movements organizing the donations of old Personal Computers to poor African Countries. At that time Bill Gate reminded them that Microsoft had not allowed them to donate old MS operating systems on those computers. This showed how charitable was Bill Gate! Fortunately on 8 July 2005, another billionaire Mark Shuttleworth had funded the development of the Ubuntu Operating Systems to help users of those old computers. This billionaire Mark Shuttleworth is my real hero.

SCORTCHED EARTH: Toxic Agriculture and the Gates Foundation – By Colin Todhunter

However, Rosemary Mason alludes to the fact that the Gates Foundation seems happy to ignore the deleterious health impacts of agrochemicals while promoting the interests of the firms that produce them, but it facilitates many health programmes that help boost the bottom line of drug companies. Health and health programmes seem only to be defined with certain parameters which facilitate the selling of the products of the major pharmaceutical companies which the foundation partners with. Indeed, researcher Jacob Levich argues that the Gates Foundation not merely facilitates unethical low-cost clinical trials (with often devastating effects for participants) in the Global South but also assists in the creating new markets for the “dubious” products of pharmaceuticals corporations.

SCORTCHED EARTH: Toxic Agriculture and the Gates Foundation – By Colin Todhunter | RIELPOLITIK