Only in Australia 🇦🇺Panic Buying //Kindness

I sent my Grandfather out to buy 300 Dollars for packaged Coffee today. 😂 He came down the driveway in his old truck, 😁 guess what. No coffee 😌 all was gone. He had 399 toilet rolls stacked in his car. Hell will freeze over. No money no coffee. 😦 Bloody toilet rolls 🤨 he had been watching TV and Panicked. The police Van came ☹️he was arrested for breaking the law. I’m in shock poor Grand Dad thought he would get rich advertising toilet rolls online for $30 a roll. Nether less, the Police rang an ambulance 🚑 and took all the toilet rolls away. But now I have no money 💵 cause he used my card. Oh what a day 🥶

Only in Australia 🇦🇺Panic Buying