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On July 26, 2017, the FBI raided Paul Manafort’s house in the early morning hours as reported by the Washington Post –

FBI agents raided the Alexandria, Va., home of President Trump’s former campaign chairman, arriving in the early-morning hours last month and seizing documents and other materials related to the special counsel investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The problem with the raid was that it was a criminal act. The Mueller gang had no legal right to raid Manafort’s house. Mueller’s raid on Paul Manafort’s home took place before August 2nd, the date that DAG Rosenstein provided Mueller support for the raid. The FBI reportedly manhandled the elderly Manafort and his wife in the early morning raid.

Rosenstein’s memo is dated August 2, 2017 and is from Rosenstein to Mueller supposedly directing Mueller to look into Manafort actions with a Russian operative perhaps before 2016. This however is clearly outside the scope of Sessions’ recusal as argued by Manafort and doesn’t even address Manafort’s argument that these actions are not for Mueller to take or Rosenstein to order but are Sessions actions alone as AG.The entire raid was illegal and without merit.

Source: https://www.teaparty.org/heres-list-top-10-crimes-committed-corrupt-conflicted-mueller-investigative-legal-team-335098/

The President can pardon federal charges but not state.The new indictments against Paul Manafort came from Cyrus Vance in the STATE of New York meaning Manafort was beyond a Presidential pardon.Judge TS Ellis gave Manafort a lenient sentence of 47 months in prison plus three years of supervised release,a $50,000 fine and restitution in the millions. Manafort was given 9 months credit for time he had served.Judge Amy Berman Jackson did not back Ellis’s sentencing. An Obama appointee she pitched a fit and nailed Manafort hard.They made sure Manafort couldn’t be pardoned by the President. If Manafort had been smart he’d have skipped the country when he was fired by the Trump campaign BEFORE any of this came down.He probably didn’t see it coming.
The question is what did this have to do with Russian Collusion/Conspiracy? NOTHING. For one, there is no law regarding collusion and as far as conspiracy goes it didn’t matter because RODENTSTEIN gave Mueller and his goons the broadest authority he could have given him. Mueller didn’t have to find anything related to Russia.
Mueller,Weissmann and their Clinton team intended to nail as many people as possible and destroy them in an effort to get their real target,Trump.Now Manafort is reportedly going to be moved to solitary confinement in Rikers Prison. This will be the 2nd time the 70 yr old Manafort has been put into solitary. Rikers is notoriously known as a hell hole typically used to hold violent offenders including terrorists,rapists and mobsters;not white collar criminals for a first offense.The move is clearly unconstitutional. It’s cruel and unusual punishment.
Truth:they want him to sing or compose against Trump. The whole attack on Manafort is outrageous. Mueller,Weissmann,RODENTSTEIN and Obama appointee Berman Jackson are corrupt.
Carter Page walked. They used him (either willingly or unwittingly)to spy on the Trump campaign with the 2 hop rule.
General Michael Flynn- a man who honorably served his country in the military for 33 yrs- and Michael Caputo have been bankrupted.Flynn was set up and framed.Caputo and his family receive death threats. George Papadopolous was framed and was given a sentence of 2 weeks in jail-already served. So why was Manafort nailed so harshly? Mueller had the most on him compared to the others he targeted and figured Manafort was his best bet.
Judge Berman Jackson is still going after Roger Stone.Stone is not going to take this lightly.NONE of these people are going to flip or compose against Trump. Berman Jackson can hope. Cyrus Vance can hope. Not going to happen. Manafort will die in prison before that happens. I hope to God every single one of these rats are held accountable when it’s all exposed.
Clinton is going to eat these words.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the president is not above the law.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 3, 2019

Do I sound angry? You bet I am.LIVID.What they’ve done to these people is purely political and what they’ve done to Manafort and Flynn is especially outrageous.Our system of ‘justice’ has now gone to hell.
Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/4/2019 interview with Michael Caputo. Worth watching.
They discuss the Manafort case.

Source: // Trump:The American Years

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