“LOVE FOR JULIAN!”* a poem April 12, 2019 (Friday)

Julian, Dear Julian, I-think-your-motives are “key,”
To setting The World “on its edge” and-dissolving in-famy!

You are to-me a Darling rose, and, I think, by-any-other-name,
You are – fra-grant, although prick-ly! But now the-full-blown-blame,
That’s followed you (and Chelsea) – and-martyrs throughout-all-time,
Must manifest in-a-court-of-justice (?) declared: a heinous crime,
By the very ones – who-are feeling caught,
By declarations – [that]-Wikileaks-has-brought!

I send you all my love – and, of course, I pray for hope,
As we see these “villians” tying-their-hanging-rope,
To silence you – for simply “following-your-Heart!”
Of course, these devils – they-too!! play their little part!
So, I-also-send-THEM* yes, some-LOVE to-loosen-all -that-dross,
Of PRIDEfulness, cocksure-edness – in short, “decaying-moss!

“Pride grows strong, in-a-human-being,
Like-fat-on-pigs!”** That’s-what-I’m-seeing!

fin ❤

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