No Matter What Your Religion Raping A Child Is Wrong !

No matter what your religion, raping a child is wrong ! 

Now let me state this clearly and loudly, having sex with a child under the age of consent is RAPE !
If you have married them or not, it does not matter.
If they are under the age of consent, it is RAPE ! 

We have all heard about reports of child “marriages”. When it hits the news there is the usual tirade of “these people” and “not like us” but let me tell you, marrying children off to older partners, who then rape them, has nothing at all to do with any religion. 

Stop hiding behind the false guise of religion and say it like it is….. Pathetic child rapists using religion as an excuse for their own sick perversions. 

Make no mistake about it, every single religion has their own version of this, hence why we can say confidently that it has nothing to do with a particular religion. 

In America there are entire cities set up and run by polygamists, who believe in multiple brides for men. They also believe in marrying their girls off at very young ages, often starting as young as 10 years old. These people call themselves “Christian” yet Jesus Christ their very own savior said in Mathew 18:6 “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” . Does this sound like a man who is approving of child rape ? 

Soldiers in Afghanistan talk about seeing very young girls married off to much older men all the time. They were told it is just part of the Muslim faith, but after speaking to several local leaders in the Islamic community FACAA have been told that it is most certainly NOT a part of their faith. There are passages where the Prophet marries a young girl but it is well recognized among Clerics that this was a sign of the times back then and is not an excuse to marry children now. The Islamic faith speaks very clearly on adherence to the laws of the land, so to say that the faith itself approves of child marriage is a lie. A religion that adores children and deplores harming them is being used to blame for child rape by those who are obviously only in it for their own sick means.

The Jewish Torah has many passages about how wrong it is to abuse children, it is considered one of their worst Mitzvahs to abuse children in a sexual manner. Yet we hear time and time again about Orthodox Jews marrying underage brides often in arranged marriages. Senior Rabbi Yosef Feldman said before the Royal Commission, that those who have raped children deserve leniency and shouldn’t be made to feel like “the scum of the earth” despite the fact that his own religious text the Torah speaks incredibly poorly of those who have raped children. Once again a child abusers use the excuse of religion as a guise to hide behind for their own sick crimes. 

In Bangladesh, there are entire hindi suburbs dedicated to child prostitution, yet the Hindu faith teaches that Parents and Teachers are next to god because they are the protectors and guides of children who are the very future of the faith. Yet once again people have perverted a very peaceful religion and used it to hide behind with their sick cowardly practices of child rape. 

We could go on and on and on naming all the major and minor religions and giving examples of practioners who have used it to hide behind while they raped and abused children all in the name of a god or gods who would be outraged and vengeful of their sick actions (and we hope are rather vengeful when they are standing before them). 

At the end of the day it is not the fault of the religion that these monsters abuse children, sadly the religion is used as the fall guy, as the patsy, as the excuse for their pathetic choices. But make no mistake about it, no religion and no god approves of, condones, or even does not hate the raping of children. What religion or god could possibly think that the destruction of the very future of the species they created could be a good thing. 

Stop letting people hide behind religion, stop letting them off the hook by blaming their god or their religious text for the abuse of innocence. It is not the fault of the religion, it is not the fault of the biblical scripts, it is however the fault of the person abusing the children ! It is their fault and their fault alone ! Not the religion’s fault, not the bible/Qur’an/Torah/Veda/Scroll/Dhammapada/whatever, certainly not the fault of any god/gods/goddesses/deity . No god would ever approve of child rape !
Stop letting abusers off the hook, stop letting people blame their faith because none of them say that child rape is ok, not a single one ! 

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