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No To “Croatians Outside Croatia Day” – Yes To “Croatians Day”!

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Some ten or so days ago the Croatian government has come out with a proposal about declaring a “Croatians Outside the Republic of Croatia Day”! While celebrating the Croatian diaspora or Croats outside Croatia in such a way that they are allocated a Day in the nation’s calendar may appeal to some, or even many (?), for many intents and purposes this proposal is likely to end up being counterproductive for the goal of integrating Croatia and its diaspora. The fact that protrudes here, and given the fact that the Croatian diaspora played a key role in the creation of the Republic of Croatia (both internationally and domestically), such separatist ventures as having a Day for the diaspora does absolutely very little, if anything, for the desired national goal of integrating Croatia and its diaspora into one body that breaths Croatia equally. In fact it’s counterproductive.

Instead of proposing extending…

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