Neo-nazi network in German army, update

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This 2017 German video is about a scandal in the elite KSK unit of the German army: neonazi music played and Hitler salutes at a party for a senior officer.

By Gregor Link in Germany:

New revelations of right-wing terrorist network in German army

22 February 2019

A former member of the German army’s elite Commando Special Forces (KSK) confirmed on public radio station SWR’s political programme “Zur Sache Baden-Württemberg” that a terrorist network within the German state apparatus is planning the murder of political opponents and a fascist revolt for “Day X”. To this end, infrastructure, including safe houses, secret chat groups, storage facilities and weapons depots have been established in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the former soldier said.

The network was established by leading KSK members and maintains symbiotic relations with other sections of the state apparatus, including in particular with members of the military intelligence…

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