House Democrats: No ICE Alert If Illegal Fails Gun Background Check


Project Matrix Watchman
Published on 20 Feb 2019

Jeannie K
I was born in the U.S.A. I have to go through back ground check, drug and alcohol testing, finger printing before I can do my job. One blemish and I can’t work. I also have to be randomly checked. Why do Illegals have more rights than we do as citizens?  I go into people’s homes where they are medically or physically and often mentally challenged. I’m ok with that.
These Democrats are wayyyyyy to far gone. We need term limits. I’m tired of their bull crap policies. Truth is truth, and right is right. What is happening to our rights to be listened to and protected?

GW: That’s because illegals have more rights than the actual citizens of the countries in which they are squatting. See the UN Migration Pact signed in Marrakech recently. However this conflict has been created…

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