Fact Checking Trump: “America Will Never be a Socialist Country”…100% TRUE…

Trigger Reset

Just when the media and their Democrat handlers think they’ve got our President cowering in submission, he comes out and smashes their corrupt, perverted fantasy.

Take a look at Bernie Sanders in our feature photo.

That’s the look of a Democrat realizing that his stupid, failed vision of the destruction of our nation just simply ain’t gonna happen.

He’s frustrated, because he knows that EVERY American who heard, or will hear, Trump’s words AGREES with what Trump is saying.

All the lies, all the media harping and repeating leftist lies, all the indoctrination of kids in public schools, all the cheating during elections… has FAILED.

Trump laid into the globalist-leftist-Commie-Nazi-Democrats and, like usual, left them gasping for breath and scrambling for some way to counter the truth.

Democrats (the party of slavery, the KKK, Nazis, pedophilia, and racism) will cry “racism,” though they can’t explain how it’s racism.


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