February 5: Kashmir Solidarity Day

The Human Lens

The unresolved Kashmir conflict has rocked South Asia for six decades. Both India and Pakistan have consistently subjected Kashmiri interests to their own national security agendas since partition 1947. 

Both nuclear armed nations have fought three horrifying bloody wars over their claims over Kashmir. Today across both sides of valley, the people of Kashmir live in an environment of heavy militarization, amidst poverty and dangerous conditions. Till date, Kashmir solution seems impossible and far-fetched given the nature of recent developments from both sides. 

February 5 marks the commemoration of the liberation struggle of Kashmiris for their demands of separation from occupation forces. 

This deadlock has resulted in gross and consistent human rights violations and wide-spread trampling of Kashmiri people’s basic rights and right to self-determination. The solution to Kashmir conflict through armed conflict has failed throughout these decades. 

Peaceful resolution, dignity and freedom from state orchestrated oppression is the only way forward and…

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