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Take the Pledge | Dolphin Project
2 minutes
Take The Pledge To NOT Buy A Ticket To A Dolphin Show
Target: Sponsors of Captive Dolphins Shows & Politicians

Dolphins have evolved over millions of years, adapting perfectly to life in the ocean. They are intelligent, social and self-aware, exhibiting evidence of a highly developed emotional sense.

Join us and pledge that you won’t buy a ticket to a dolphin show. It’s 2 easy steps:

  1. Sign the Pledge below
  2. On the top of the next page, Share the Pledge on your social media to complete the process.

Petition by Ric O’Barry

To: Sponsors of Captive Dolphins Shows & Politicians
From: [Your Name]

I have taken the pledge NOT to buy a ticket to a dolphin show.

No Dolphin Parks.
No Swim With Dolphin Programs.
No Hotels and Lodges that feature captive dolphins on the property.
No Dolphin “Trainer For A…

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Our American Wall @POTUS @realDonaldTrump it’s yours and ours.It’s America’s.

Trump:The American Years

I don’t think even President Trump realizes what this wall-the one we envision-means to us.You have to know that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats understand that it’s the one thing that MIGHT destroy the Presidents base. They want that more than anything.For them stopping the wall is a win-win.They get amnesty and win the election in 2020.You have to give them credit for being shrewd as much as they are anti American.
The wall is not going to solve all the problems with our broken immigration system;it’s not a substitute for good legislation. We still have to STOP the visa lottery,chain…

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