#JusticeForUzma: 16- Year Old Domestic Maid Murdered

The Human Lens

Pakistan is home to several million domestic workers – underage children and women that toil in difficult and inhumane conditions on a daily basis due to stark poverty that forces them to meet end in precarious conditions. 

We are a society infected with the mentality of employing uunderage domestic workers, unfortunately, is firmly entrenched in our houses mainly due to the deep-rooted feudal system.

They are subjected to miserable working conditions and treated with cruelty reflecting our national culture and the stark differences of prevailing power centers and class. Recently social media has gone viral with yet another horror story of Uzma, a 16-year old house maid that was tortured and killed few days ago in Lahore. 

Belonging from a poor family whose only breadwinner, her father is a guard and like many other poor families, Uzma was sent to work as a house maid to make their ends meet.

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