Matamoros, Mexico workers fight on

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This 23 January 2019 video says about itself:

70,000 strike on US-Mexico border – break the media blackout by sharing this video

70,000 maquiladors (sweatshop) workers are on strike in Matamoros, Mexico. The US and international press are blacking it out.

By Eric London and Andrea Lobo in Mexico:

24 January 2019

The strike of tens of thousands of Matamoros maquiladora workers is set to grow on Friday as the legal “cooling off” deadline for a citywide strike expires, meaning many more plants will likely walk out.

As workers are eager to expand the strike wave, all of the forces supporting the capitalist class are scrambling to shut the strike down. …

All calls for bringing the situation under “control” and finding “conciliation” mean forfeiting the 20 percent wage increase and payment of the promised bonus. It means forcing workers to give in to the demands of the companies…

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