My Letter Writing Campaign to my local newspaper @TheCairnsPost with a federal election due we should all be demanding #ClimateAction #auspol #qldpol #nswpol #sapol #ClimateStrike #StopAdani


Spreading the word about climate change is one way to make politicians listen to the scientists.

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SIGN: Justice for Baby Elephant Cruelly Tied Up And Left to Die


PETITION TARGET: Thailand Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

In a ruthless display of cruelty, a hunter in Rayon, eastern Thailand, tied a one-month-old elephant up with rope and abandoned the helpless animal to die, slowly and excruciatingly.

By the time villagers found the baby, she was starving and could barely stand. The rope cut so deep into her ankle, the skin was dead and the bone exposed. She had gone days or more without a drop of her mother’s milk. Nobody knows how long she was left to suffer, terrified, alone and hungry.

Rescuers — who named the baby Baitong — cut off her foot in a desperate attempt to stop the infection, and tried every other measure to save the the weak, injured animal. Sadly, nothing could undo the damage, and Baitong died.

Such brutal treatment of an animal is unacceptable, and authorities must make it clear…

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Trosa jagar ständigt nya företagare! Entrepreneur hunting in Trosa!

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Jag fick in en bildinsändare i SN idag. I got a drawing published in a local newspaper today.

And this is the original drawing. Här kommer originalteckningen. Dela om ni vill.

Våra Trosapolitiker har ett lustigt sätt att behandla företagare i besöksnäringen. När de ledsnat på dem och vill ha arenan själva sparkar man ut småföretagaren som lämnas med myclet små möjligheter att få saken prövad. De senaste åren har vi tappat en av Trosas mest populära lunchställen, turbåten i Trosa skärgård, turistbyrån tog kommunen tillbaka i egen regi, hamnverksamheten med cafe och hamnplatser har man också sparkat ut ansvarig företagare ifrån. Nu senast har kommunen sagt att Trosas mest populära grönsakshandlare och jordgubbskille inte får vara kvar vid torghandeln. Hur Trosa har lyckats klamra sig fast vis en sjätte bästa plats i företagsrankingen begriper nog få.

Our local politicians keep throwing out small businesses from Trosa tourist business. A…

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On the Water-Starved Colorado River, Drought Is the New Normal – Yale E360 #auspol #nswpol #qldpol #ClimateStrike #ExtinctionRebellion #StopAdani #ClimateChange can’t be ignored!


With the Southwest locked in a 19-year drought and climate change making the region increasingly drier, water managers and users along the Colorado River are facing a troubling question: Are we in a new, more arid era when there will never be enough water? Second in a series.

After two decades of drought, Lake Mead in Nevada is just 40 percent ful
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Meanwhile in Australia the Darling river runs dry.

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