The pretentious environmental conservation by Greenies.

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The pretentious environmental conservation by Greenies.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The pretentious environmental conservation by Greenies.

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Greenies overlook habitual, intentional wasters while harassing responsible people.

Greenies have not promoted conservation for the sake of the Earth but rather for their self-promotion. The followings prove the point.

a/- The power distribution industry in Australiais still allowed to promote resistive heating while banning the connectionn of energy efficient heat pumps as “controled loads” for off-peak rates.

b/- Vehicle Insurers in Australia are still free to quote outrageous premiums on the fuel efficient turbo charged engines.

c/-The packaging industry world-wide has been left doing their over-packaging which wastes plastic and paper material.

d/- Manufacturers in China can sell Stainless Steel Vacuum flasks to Australia without selling…

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