Dolphin Starves To Death After Getting Beak Trapped In Plastic Piece – Sea Voice News

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A dolphins beaked is closed shut by a plastic piece, leading to its death. Papa Bois Conservation Facebook.

In a photo shared on the Facebook page of Papa Bois Conservation, it appears to show what is a dolphin dead after a plastic bottle ring got caught on the dolphins beak.

In the Facebook post, the group writes that the animal starved after being unable to open its mouth. “A plastic bottle cap ring got caught on this dolphin’s beak. It starved to death. Isn’t it time to use a reusable bottle.”

Plastic continues to be a major concern to the health of the oceans as levels continue to increase to levels never before seen daily.

At the current pace, plastic in the ocean is expected to outweigh fish by 2050 and that will only increase exponentially if there is not a plan put in place.

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A Necessarily – Amiss Christmas Missive

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It is unfortunate that those with an agenda has made Christmas all about commercialism, profits, material desires while ignoring those in need and/or leaving those in need to the care of the government.

News alert:  The government doesn’t give a damn and any talk of suffering by poverty stricken and homeless Americans have become talking points pulled out every 2, 4 or 6 years to rack up votes.

Here in New York City, those very same bureaucrats have declared war against individuals and entities that, from their heart and on their own reach out to the homeless and poverty-stricken, the result of which leaves the unfortunate even worse off.

Please don’t ignore them this Christmas season.  Remember our veterans, many of whom are homeless and living beneath the poverty level.  Keep in mind that  a new television, Playstation 4, computer, toys or skis is not at all what Christmas is about.  

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