Sign Petition: Johnson and Johnson Knew Their Baby Powder Had Toxic Asbestos and Did Nothing

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Johnson and Johnson

13,339 SUPPORTERS -14,000 GOAL

It turns out the ubiquitous talcom powder that Johnson and Johnson has been selling for decades is deadly. It can cause cancer and respiratory problems because it has asbestos in it. Worse yet, the company knew about this since the 1970s and continued to sell the product that is used largely on children.

Sign now if you think Johnson and Johnson should do more to make up for the way this product harmed people.Parents used their baby powder on children for diaper rash and other ailments. No one would knowingly put something potentially toxic on their child. Johnson and Johnson spent 40 years misleading the public and hiding the results of internal testing on their product.

They could start a fund to help people suffering from afflictions caused by the product, or any number of other actions to…

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41-Year-Old Public School Teacher Offers 15-Year-Old Girl Better Grades in Exchange for Sex Acts…

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“It takes a village”…

Obviously, a “village” full of sick pervert pedophiles:

A Michigan high school teacher is accused of telling a 15-year-old student she could raise her grade by performing sex acts on him, police said.

Charles Penn, who lives in the Detroit suburb of Southfield, was charged Thursday with accosting a child for immoral purposes. His bond was set at $50,000, Fox 2 reported. If convicted, he faces up to four years behind bars.

The alleged incident occurred this past June, while the 41-year-old Penn was employed as an economics teacher at Harper Woods High School, located in the Detroit metropolitan area, according to WWJ News Radio.

When a female student asked Penn what extra work she could do to raise her marks, he reportedly told her she could perform a sex act on him. Another female student overheard the alleged conversation and reported it to…

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