World AIDS Day : Know your HIV status

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1st December 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, the theme for 2018 being, “Know your status”.

Instigated by the United Nations in December 1988, December 1st has been set aside as an International Day dedicated to raising awareness for the AIDS pandemic spread by HIV infection with focus on education on AIDS prevention and control.

As of 2017, AIDS has killed between 28.9million and 41.5million people worldwide, and an estimated 36.7million people are living with HIV, making it one of the most important global public health issues in recorded history. Thanks to recent improved access to antiretroviral treatment in many regions of the world, the death rate from AIDS epidemic has decreased since its peak in 2005 (1million in 2016, compared to 1.9million in 2005).
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Whilst commendable progress has been made in the research and battle against AIDS, there are…

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Foreboding – FBI Raids Home of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower… | The Last Refuge

Trump:The American Years

The Daily Caller has an exclusive report tonight that is very troubling, and, unfortunately in alignment with a previous suspicion CTH shared when it was first announced that John Huber was scheduled to testify to congress on December 5th.

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