The forgotten children…and those inbetween.

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With the onset of the Christmas season and amidst the busyness of our lives, we tend to forget the very people who put us here and our driving force, the little people, our children. 

For some, in their quest for “more” parents are being put in nursing homes, the rationale being that breadwinners  that they are, their work/corporate structure is too demanding hence the need for the elderly to have “companionship and good medical care”. Good outsourced health care would mean massive payments to nursing homes and a substantial demand for elderly care facilities in the years ahead.

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Often the massive payments do not justify the expected care.  Rare is it that the elderly are extremely satisfied in their new surroundings, the promised care being window dressing. Most are left in unsafe, sad and forgotten surroundings. Let’s face it, there are many treasures put out…

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