To All Current Service Members and All Veterans: Thank You…

Trigger Reset


Thank you.

With all sincerity, every member of the Trigger Reset family wants you to know that we fully recognize, appreciate, and give thanks to GOD for you, and all you endure and accomplish on behalf of all Americans (And oftentimes, others as well).

May GOD bless, guide, and keep you and your families.

May you go into battle with HIS name on your lips, and return in victory giving thanks to Jesus.

May you return home whole, and find your family and home at peace.

Please know that you’re never alone.

Wherever you are, the LORD is with you…and the hopes, prayers, thoughts, and support of millions of Americans are with you as well.

Your service has brought honor to you, your nation, and your family name.

GOD bless, and THANK YOU!

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