Patani – In Memory Of TAKBAI Incident

The Human Lens

Wattana, with The Human Lens

Thailand’s deep south: Younger generation raising voice to fight against the military atrocities in a climate of distrust and wide spread violence.

For those new to this issue, The Human Lens has been reporting field stories in collaboration with our official partner, North South Initiative-Malaysia and Patani activist; Arfan Wattana.

Since its advent in 2004, Patani conflict has raging on with more than 7,000 people killed by bomb attacks, drive in shootings and extra judicial assassinations. It has emerged as one of the most militarized regions in Asia whose people are living under martial law for the past 14 years.

This conflict has significantly altered the livelihoods of people living in the region. Today Patani community lives in a climate where they are subjected to mass house searches, armed troops patrolling inside villages and enforced disappearances by paramilitary forces that enjoy impunity.

October 25, marks the 14th…

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