Judge Likens Social Workers To Hitler’s Schutzstaffel [SS]


Normally it is the victims and subjects of the Social Services abuse that liken the Social Services to the Nazi SS. This is a JUDGE. What has become of our Social Services?

Barnsley Social Services is the object of his comparison.

Here is the article from the excellent Researching Reform available on their blog [1] 2018 Oct 12 Researching Reform  Judge Likens Social Workers to Hitlers SS

A judge sitting at Sheffield Crown Court has likened Barnsley social services to Hitler’s paramilitary organisation, the Schutzstaffel, or SS, after a young girl who had expressed what were believed to be suicidal thoughts, was forced to have a naked medical examination. The social workers also failed to get her father’s consent for the medical, and several other related courses of action.

The council’s conduct left Judge Robert Moore fuming last Friday, after social workers wrongly accused the girl’s family of child sexual abuse, leading…

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