Insight No. 36: Worldwide Protests (part 1) – Touching Photos of Courage, Resistance, Solidarity & Free Spirit (Fotos weltweiter Proteste)

The Red Box

The following collection of photos reveals that all people share the same needs and wishes, such as:

Peace, Housing, paid work & secure pension funds, HealthCare, education, justice, freedom of religion, human rights, women rights, fathers rights, gender equality, gay rights, animal rights, healthy food, environmental protection, no corruption…

Irrespective from ethnicity, religion and cultural background, I guess, the vast majority of people is aiming for this kind of living conditions.  In the age of globalization, growing lobbyism and hidden corruption of our institutions, we (the People….the 99%) should close lines internationally as well in order to represent and enforce our interests.

The photos of the protesters are touching. They show that solidarity, critical thinking, courage and fighting spirit still exists.

Thanks God! We will need these qualities in future more than ever.


Peace, Climate Change, Healthcare Demonstration in UK


China Tianmen Square Beijing Protests

G7 Demo - Love and Peace

G7 Summit 2018 Protests in…

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