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Trump:The American Years

AUSTIN, Tex. — My name is Neal, and I’m a marijuana addict.A year ago I wouldn’t have said that, because it would have meant giving up marijuana. I would rather have given up breathing.When I had my first cup of coffee in the morning, I pressed the little button on my vape pen, waited for the blue glow, took a huge inhale and then blew it into the mug so that I could suck in the THC and caffeine at the same time. Then I took another hit, and another. In the afternoons, I’d smoke a bowl, or pop a gummy bear, or both. At night, I got high before eating dinner or watching the ballgame. Maybe I’d stop getting stoned a little bit before bed, but what was the point? If I went to bed high, I could wake up high, too.What a time for people to get stoned!…

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