Deep State In Croatia

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Whether one believes or not in the concept of “deep state” (in Croatia’s case it would be more like a “deep-UDBA-state” [UDBA referring to the state secret police of former communist Yugoslavia]) is in the face of evident consequences of actions – irrelevant. Although one comes across the equating of deep state concept with conspiracy theories it is difficult to circumvent the fact that applied political developments in Croatia in the aftermath of the Homeland War and secession from communist Yugoslavia have provided evidential platforms where the concept of deep state is no longer in the realm of conspiracy theories but in the realm of objective conviction from facts encountered. That conviction associates itself to a conclusion that there is an unseen bureaucracy that really holds the reins of power in Croatia; a state within a state, “imperium in imperio”, or a label for all individuals and organisations whose power…

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