Senate Judiciary Comm: Ford/Kavanaugh Testimony Documents

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Below are documents pertaining to this morning’s confirmation hearing:

09-27-18 Ford Testimony

09-27-18 Ford Testimony Updated

09-27-18 Kavanaugh Testimony

2018-09-25 Grassley to Feinstein – Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing and Debra Ramirez

2018-09-24 Kavanaugh to Grassley – Kavanaugh Nomination

2018-09-24 Grassley Letter to Ford – Ford Allegations

2018-09-23 Feinstein letter to Graslsey – Requesting Postponement of Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing

2018-09-23 Grassley to Kavanaugh’s Attorney – Evidence Request

2018-09-23 Grassley Letter to Ford’s Attorneys – Evidence Request

2018-09-22 Ford Letter to Grassley – Ford Allegations

65 Women Who Know Kavanaugh From High School – Kavanaugh Nomination

64 Of Kavanaugh’s High School Freinds – Avenatti Allegation

The above documents among others are available for viewing here and here.

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Population Control only at home + Open border = Population Replacement.

Additional survival tricks

Population Control only at home + Open border = Population Replacement.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Population Control only at home + Open border = Population Replacement.

1. Undeniable consequence.

Green movements are remarkably absent in those countries with population explosion while they are quite vocal in developed countries (with negative or low population growth). GREEN AT ALL COST is literally throwing Australians into the cold.

“Greens leader Richard Di Natale… is urging the government to intervene in the free market, and ban the newly created power provider from buying electricity generated from fossil fuels, such as coal and gas.” [1, 2]

“More than US$70 billion of support is provided by governments to renewable energy…

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