Don’t Share This! EU’s New Copyright Law Could Kill The Free Internet | Zero Hedge


Oh, what next

None of us own words

Words are just to help us communicate

What next

Personally over the years creating words minlipalated into content with my own graphics has always been free to anyone

Reading Copyright restrictions is just another big SCAM all about the Dollar.

Think about THIS

Anyway what’s really is going on here is for those that do attempt to copywrite their stuff,

are in for a huge shock. For us BLOGGERS the Monterey Dollar they charge you as an individual is not affordable anyway.

I beggar the belief that quotes especially are impossible to create new stuff cause there is trillions out there anyway. There we go again trying to recreate the WHEEL, ALL READY MADE .

SOMETIMES as I check ( just for fun) SOME OF MY STUFF cleaver little vegemite’s have created a new version with better graphics.

THERE is no…

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