Pakistan Moves For Ensuring Women’s Rights to Inheritance

The Human Lens

In Pakistani society, the men hold a monopoly on power and decision-making on the inheritance and property rights. We are a country where women are denied the right to inheritance in paternal and marital system stems from male value system. 

Not only Pakistan, but the regional dismal record on denying women inheritance goes back as far as colonial period when British rule excluded women from inheritance and holding property. 

Since long, deep-rooted patriarchal systems based on archaic customs, single track understanding of religion and above all, an ineffectual system has kept women on the fringes of peril.

Although our State’s religion Islam recognizes women’s right to inheritance, but both in predominately in Muslim and minority faith communities including Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains etc, the females are denied their economic rights.

Alarmingly, the registration of births and marriages are avoided in Pakistan to keep intact men’s power and dominance in matters of…

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