Adani reveals coal mine conceptual plan to rail owner #auspol #qldpol #StopAdani #EndCoal #SaveTheReef from #ClimateChange #Drought


Adani originally planned to build a rail line from the mine to Abbot Point (pictured) for export. Photo: AAP

Adani has submitted a conceptual operating plan for its Carmichael coal mine and says it will start construction without government funding.

The plan has been submitted to the owner of the existing rail network, triggering a process that will allow Adani to begin establishing the connection of its narrow-gauge rail line.

Adani Mining chief executive Lucas Dow says the company is not seeking any state or federal money for the start of the mine project construction.

“There has been a lot of misinformation and speculation that we need taxpayer money to be able to build the mine and rail,” Mr Dow said in a statement on Wednesday.

“This is absolutely not the case; this project will stand on its own two feet.”

The news comes a day after the Indian mining…

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Biggest Danish bank’s money laundering scandal

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This video says about itself:

Money Laundering Claims: Billions of Euros illegally moved via Estonia says Danske Bank

19 September 2018

The results have been released of an inquiry into one of Europe’s biggest money laundering scandals.

After similar scandals at many other banks, eg, at the very big HSBC

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Boss of Danish bank leaves in big money laundering scandal

The money laundering scandal at the largest bank in Denmark costs CEO Thomas Borgen his job. In the period 2007-2015, probably 200 billion euros in criminal money or money of unclear origin went through the bank offices in Estonia, including from Russia.

The bank says it is unable to provide an accurate estimate of the number of suspicious transactions and cash flows in Estonia. According to previous estimates, the bank is said to have made 1.5 billion euros by money laundering.

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Filmmaker Marceline Loridan Ivens, RIP

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In this 16 February 2018 French video, filmmaker Marceline Loridan Ivens, née Rozenberg, says that is a scandal that the anti-Semitic writings of French pro-Hitler author Louis-Ferdinand Céline are now re-published.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The French filmmaker and writer Marceline Loridan Ivens has passed away. She is 90 years old. Loridan-Ivens was the widow of the Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens. She died in Paris yesterday.

In the Second World War she was deported together with her father to extermination camp Auschwitz. She was 15 years old then. Her father did not survive the camp. Loridan-Ivens filmed her experiences in 2003 in the autobiographical film La Petite Prairie au Bouleaux.

Marceline Loridan married the Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens in 1963. Together they made several films, such as Comment Yukong déplaça les Montagnes (How Yukong Moved the Mountains) about the last days of…

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Pakistan Moves For Ensuring Women’s Rights to Inheritance

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In Pakistani society, the men hold a monopoly on power and decision-making on the inheritance and property rights. We are a country where women are denied the right to inheritance in paternal and marital system stems from male value system. 

Not only Pakistan, but the regional dismal record on denying women inheritance goes back as far as colonial period when British rule excluded women from inheritance and holding property. 

Since long, deep-rooted patriarchal systems based on archaic customs, single track understanding of religion and above all, an ineffectual system has kept women on the fringes of peril.

Although our State’s religion Islam recognizes women’s right to inheritance, but both in predominately in Muslim and minority faith communities including Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains etc, the females are denied their economic rights.

Alarmingly, the registration of births and marriages are avoided in Pakistan to keep intact men’s power and dominance in matters of…

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