This Incredible Man Bought and Renovated a School Bus to Transport Shelter Animals From Hurricane Zones to Safety!

Kelly Wang

It isn’t every day you get to hear about someone truly heroic. And we’re sad that it’s Hurricane Florence that is the reason we’re hearing this news. But when a pet lover buys and converts an old school bus to rescue animals left after others have evacuated, we have to share the story. Trust us! This one will put a smile on your face.

Tony Alsup, a trucker from Greenback, Tennessee, drove into South Carolina last week with one intention; to evacuate the dogs and cats left behind in shelters. He drove to shelters in North Myrtle Beach, Dillon, Georgetown, and Orangeburg, rescuing 53 dogs and 11 cats with the intention of transferring them to a waiting shelter in Foley, Alabama, safe from the storm.

Alsup has been doing this for around a year now. When Hurricane Harvey was approaching Houston, Alsup answered an online plea for…

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Paying immigrants to go back home makes sense.

Additional survival tricks

Paying immigrants to go back home makes sense.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Paying immigrants to go back home makes sense.

This blog suggest that it both looks good and makes economic sense to pay non-integrating immigrants to go back to their homelands.

Germany and many EU countries gave the wrong signals leading to many people leaving their homeland in Africa and Middle East to go their for easier lives. This whole thing has turned upside down the lives of many, native and immigrants, and it is time for the leadership of EU to admit the mistakes.

To partially undo the damage caused by the mistakes of many EU countries, it may be cheapest for them to pay the…

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