Press freedom, for billionaires only?

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This 28 December 2016 video from the USA says about itself:

In 2013, [ boss] Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post for $250 million. Only 4 months later, he was awarded a $600 million contract with the CIA. So the CIA has a direct connection to the Washington Post, the paper of record in our nation’s capital, but they refuse to add a disclosure to stories they write about the CIA.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In 2013, the media world was turned upside down: Jeff Bezos, rich because of Amazon, buys The Washington Post for $ 250 million. Meanwhile, that is ‘the new normal’. Last night it was announced that Marc Benioff, another tech billionaire, is paying 190 million dollars for the American magazine Time.

Benioff is unknown to the general public. He got his fortune from Salesforce, the company…

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Transparent Political Hit Job – Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Ford-Blasey, Activated To Advance 35-year-old Accusations… | The Last Refuge

Trump:The American Years

The timing is transparent: the week prior to Brett Kavanaugh committee vote; the outlet is transparent: the intelligence ‘resistance’ apparatus, The Washington Post; the accuser is transparent: a far-left California liberal professor, Christine Ford Blasey, anti-Trump ‘resistance activist’ with an anti-policy background, including recently. The accusation is transparent: 35-year-old harassment claim/accusation, from high school intended to activate the “Me Too” activists. The motive is transparent: block the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Kavanaugh.

Source: Transparent Political Hit Job – Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Ford-Blasey, Activated To Advance 35-year-old Accusations… | The Last Refuge

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The DWP has finally revealed it has cut disabled people’s benefits. Here’s by how much. | The Canary


A Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) minister has made a damning admission about benefits spending. The DWP has repeatedly claimed it’s increasing disabled people’s entitlement. But new information shows that these claims were, as one campaign group put it, “lies… to justify their atrocious policies”.

The DWP: vacuous claims?

DWP minister of state Sarah Newton has repeatedly said that spending on disability benefits has been increasing. Her latest claim was that:

We will be spending an estimated £54bn in 2018/19 on benefits to support disabled people and those with long term health conditions, up from £44.7bn in 2010/11 – the highest ever.

Her claims have been widely debunked as they include benefits not just for disabled people, like Housing Benefit and Carer’s Allowance. The true figure for 2017/18 was £39bn; Newton claimed it was over £50bn. The DWP has also claimed that spending on…

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Back up Greta and our planet

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Ge nästa generation en klimatsmart start, uppmanade jag våra politiker och andra beslutsfattare som har möjlighet att avbryta ett grandiost projekt, som kommer att påverka klimatet negativt. Det verkar som att jag gissat rätt. Nästa generation vill inte leva som om vi har 4,2 jordklot tillgängliga att slutförbruka.

Greta står upp för vår planet. Läs mer på länkarna nedan om du vill veta mer.

Give the next generation a good start, I wrote to our politicians and other people with power to stop a project that doesn’t live up to Paris agreement. It seems like I guessed right when I told the politicians that next generation don’t want to live like we have 4,2 planets to consume.

Just look at Greta in Stockholm Sweden who bravely stands up for our planet. You can read more on following links. Her courage gives echo around the world and Mr Schwarzenegger…

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