Buddhist teacher Sogyal Rinpoche’s abuse victim speaks

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Sogyal Lakar, aka Sogyal Rinpoche, with Buddha sculpture in 2016, EPA photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Researcher on Buddhist: Sogyal Rinpoche abused students seriously

Victims of sexual abuse by Buddhist teachers will meet the Dalai Lama tomorrow and will give him a booklet with their testimonies. It contains several stories of ex-followers of Tibetan Buddhist Sogyal Lakar, with as his title Sogyal Rinpoche (“the precious one” [roughly “the Reverend”]). He has been accused since 1992 of all kinds of abuse of his students.

The French justice department investigates the case and has made a request for legal assistance to the Netherlands to hear victims here. After six years of research by the French gendarmerie, the file has been at the office of the Montpellier prosecutor since the beginning of this year. According to French media, the prosecutor is conducting a judicial preliminary investigation. He told the NOS that he is “currently not communicating about this matter”.

Apart from the French…

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