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Rogues & Vagabonds

I knew Fenella Fielding’s death was in the offing as I’d read about her stroke a few days ago. I am very sad as she was always part of my life even though we didn’t know each other well. She and my mother, Benedicta Leigh, were friends at RADA in the late 1940s and they kept in touch, albeit sporadically. I used to be very taken with Fenella’s Christmas card every year in which she was careful to include the names of my brother and myself — I always noticed the people who didn’t! It was not necessarily the picture on the card that took my fancy but the fact that my parents knew someone with such an exotic name and such an expansive signature, or so it seemed to me! I had clearly not realised at this stage that my mother’s name was fairly exotic and unusual.

Fenella punctuated…

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