Ocean Cleanup’s Plan to Remove 88,000 Tons of Plastic From the Pacific Garbage Patch Has Just Begun!


Aleksandra Pajda

Earlier this year, the non-profit The Ocean Cleanup was getting ready to put its system designed to remove plastic pollution from the ocean in motion. Now, the innovative technology is finally setting sail for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and starting its important work with a two-week trial. With steady development, the organization hopes to remove as much as half of the 88,000 tons of plastic from the garbage patch in just five years.

On September 10th, the organization started towing its “Ocean Cleanup System 001” from San Francisco to a trial site which is located about 240 nautical miles (260 miles) away, Endgadget reports. The system will now be pushed by the winds and waves into a U-shape and start drifting on its own, marking the beginning of the test run. While the huge tube will float on the surface, a 10-foot long skirt hanging below…

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Jeffrey Epstein scandal: women with new identities run firms from Epstein-linked property


7 January 2015

Sarah Kellen and Nada Marcinkova, questioned by lawyers about whether Prince Andrew had any involvement in Epstein’s abuse, have reinvented themselves as Sarah Kensington and Nadia Marcinko.


AAG: Jeffrey Epstein’s Nadia Marcinko, learnt to fly at the same Mossad-linked airfield in FLORIDA as the Hebrew-speaking Mohamed Atta.

What links Jeffrey Epstein to 9 11 and to Mossad?

Virginia Roberts became Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave in 1999.

Epstein’s Black Booklists a number of people whom Mossad and its friends may have wanted to blackmail and control prior to the events of 9 11.

Lantana airport, which has been linked to drug trafficking flights involving the Caribbean, particularly the Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. South Florida Aviation – Thirdring’s Blog

Greg Bacon 11 September 2018
“…Atta was remembered by deli workers at a local Publix supermarket and a pharmacy as being rude and…

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Watch Live: World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

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Hurricane threatens South Carolina, USA

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This 10 September 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Meteorologist Ashley Batey is tracking Florence as it strengthens in the Atlantic. The hurricane is expected to slam into the East Coast near the Carolinas as a Category 3 or 4 storm.

ONE MILLION TOLD TO LEAVE SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster (R) ordered a mandatory evacuation of the state’s coastline ahead of Hurricane Florence’s expected arrival. Approximately 1 million people in eight counties have until noon today to evacuate, the governor said.[HuffPost]

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Diary of a Mad Man🕴🕴🕴

Kindness - Wisdom💥

. . . which then brings up the idea of this “crap” + Quantum Mechanics. IF we affect the experiment by anticipating a result from a series of stimuli, why can’t every effect be a result of our expecting that effect from the cause we are perceiving in the moment(?) Thus, the effect is brought about by our clouded minds anticipating it & would not arise IF we were IN THE MOMENT. Well, what about that? Yet what good does it do anyone, especially someone like me who NEVER seems to be in the moment. Anyway, you might be able to perform miracles IF you were in a situation where (the) Y effect generally followed X cause, but not IF The Amazing Randi was in the room, because his being there would thwart any miracle because HE would expect the causal effect & ruin the miracle, so to speak. Then…

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