Steve’s Real Food Dog and Cat Food Recall

Steve’s Real Food Dog and Cat Food Recall
3-4 minutes

September 7, 2018 — Steve’s Real Food of Salt Lake City, Utah is voluntarily recalling limited quantities of its raw frozen dog and cat foods due to possible contamination with Salmonella and Listeria bacteria.

What’s Recalled?

The affected products were nationally distributed and are identified with the following UPC codes and “Best by” dates located on the front of the bag.

Steve’s Real Food Turducken Recipe
Package size: 5-pounds
Lot number: J155
Best By Date: 6/4/19
UPC: 6-91730-15304-5
Quest Emu Diet
Package size: 2-pounds
Lot number: B138
Best By Date: 5/18/19
UPC: 6-91730-17103-2
Quest Beef Diet
Package size: 2-pounds
Lot number: A138
Best By Date: 5/18/19
UPC: 6-91730-17101-8

About Salmonella and Listeria

Salmonella and L. mono can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products.

Symptoms of infection in people include…

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We cannot allow activism to become a dirty word



Slowly, activism is becoming a dirty word – one with a range of negative connotations which include being disruptive, idealistic, out-of-touch, unintelligent, and some might even say traitorous.

Not only are these assumptions wrong, they are detrimental to our society. As Tee Zhuo pointed out in his Straits Times article, building “a democratic society based on justice and equality” and achieving “progress for our nation”, which all Singaporeans pledge to do, “requires all kinds of activism by people who aren’t afraid to point out hard truths to keep Singapore not just going, but truly progressing, and speak those truths to power”.

But are there bad activists? Of course. Because ‘activist’ is a broad word which encompasses any person who advocates for change, it necessarily includes those whose ideas and methods are problematic. However, to generalize all activists as such is quite silly. Amos Yee is an activist, but Lee…

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