Obama’s bitter sore spot: The Trump economy

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Source: Obama’s bitter sore spot: The Trump economy

Back on center stage and partisan as ever, President Obama leaped back into politics Friday with a stemwinder stump speech on behalf of his fellow Democrats, declaring Democrats the fount of all progress, bringing up his favorite hobbyhorses, and, most notably, blasting Trump for his economy…before saying the economy was all his.I think we know what Obama’s sore spot is now.His whole speech shows he has no idea how economies work. According to the Daily Caller citing the speech:

What makes this whole thing pathetic is that Trump really is governing differently compared with how Obama governed.

Trump gave us tax cuts, deregulation, and an equalization of international trade terms.  Net result: Jobs are up, and black employment is reaching record highs, as is youth, Hispanic, and female employment.  Those 3% unemployment numbers are good news for everyone.

Instead of admitting that and promising…

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