U.S. Army Vet Stops to Help Stranded Driver on Veteran’s Day, Gets Assassinated by Hired Killer…

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A kindly Army veteran who stopped to help a stranded driver was killed by the very man he went to assist after it turned out the motorist was a hitman hired to murder him.

Carlos Cruz-Echevarria, 60, was killed in ‘planned execution’ on a quiet Deltona road, in Florida on Veteran’s Day.

Police say Kelsey Terrance McFoley, 28, paid suspected hitman Benjamin Jaquaric Antonio Bascom, 24, to kill Cruz-Echevarria to prevent him from testifying against him in a road rage case. Both suspects were arrested this week.

(Kelsey Terrance McFoley, left, and “hitman” Benjamin Jaquaric Antonio Bascom, right…)

Detectives say that Cruz-Echevarria was driving along a Deltona road, in Florida, in November, when he spotted a car which appeared to be stuck in a ditch.

Deciding to be a good Samaritan, he brought his truck to try and pull the vehicle free. But when he got out of his truck, he was shot dead and his…

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Japan killed 50 whales in Antarctic protected area, data shows | Environment | The Guardian


Japanese whalers have killed more than 50 minke whales in an Antarctic marine protection area this year, WWF has revealed.

The disclosure comes on the opening day of the International Whaling Commission’s annual meeting in Brazil, which Japan is chairing as it seeks to restart commercial whaling. Killing whales for profit was banned in 1986, but nations including Norway and Iceland have granted themselves exemptions.

Japan allows itself to hunt whales under a “scientific” programme which still sees the meat go on sale. The 2018 hunt led to 333 minke whales being killed in the Southern Ocean, including 122 pregnant females.

Now analysis of an IWC scientific committee paper by WWF shows that three Japanese ships killed dozens of minke whales in part of the Ross Sea marine protection area (MPA) in January and February 2018. All fishing is restricted in that section of the MPA in order to…

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Dear “anonymous”.How’s that soft coup going?

Trump:The American Years

You can’t imagine how angry i am with you.It’s not because you’re resisting Pres Trump.You’re free to do that.I personally don’t think very highly of this resist movement which is a story in itself;but the idea that you resist Trump is not a big deal. This is America. We don’t have to agree with the  candidate other people vote for. We get to choose which party we want to join and we’re even free to decide not to join any at all.

Here’s why I’m livid. We did elect Donald J.Trump. We voted for him because we supported his agenda or we liked him or both.I think for MOST voters it was both.

He campaigned in the necessary states and won the electoral college.In fact he went past the required no to win the election.

Trump won-Hillary lost. He was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.It’s…

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If I were to guess


So many people are talking about the op-ed written by an anonymous source concerning the goings on in the White House in general and the President specifically. The unnamed individual claims to be a senior official in the administration. Many are throwing names out as to who the anonymous source is. Historically speaking people who engage in efforts of this kind are general one that have left an organization, mostly because their feelings got hurt and they seek revenge.

Perhaps this source was an official and perhaps not, I go with the not. The person who wrote this does exist and much effort will be expended in running that source down. I read yesterday that there were experts working on identifying the individual who wrote it. Some claim they can find the author based on his writing style and words or wording used.

Anyway my guess is this person has…

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