Hur mycket ska Trosa växa? – How much will Trosa municipality grow?

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Politikerna säger 1,5-2% per år och att 10% av tillväxten ska ske utanför tätorterna. Finansieringsbeslutet för Infart västra Trosa uppger att 670 nya bostäder ska byggas utanför tätort.

Hur ska vi tolka uppgifterna? Exponentialfunktionen säger: Ta talet 70 (år) och dela med tillväxtsiffran. En ökning på 10% ger en fördubblingseffekt på 7 år (70/10=7).

Om befolkningsökningen når 1,5% per år växer vi till dubbel storlek inom 46 år. Vid 2% per år har vi fördubblat befolkningen på 35 år. Om vi håller samma ökningstakt som 2017, 4%, bör vi bereda oss på en fördubbling inom 17 år.

Om 10% av ökningen ska ske utanför tätorterna, innebär det att politikerna räknar med en större ökning än 1,5% per år. Eftersom 670 bostäder ska byggas för att betala för infart västra Trosa, bör vi anta att byggandet sker i närtid. Trafikverket vill ha betalt efter färdigställd väg och inte om 100 år…

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Spain stops selling bombs to Saudi Arabia

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This 11 May 2018 video says about itself:

Children buried: Saudi strike in Yemen produces heartbreaking images

Six civilians are dead and another injured in Yemen after an airstrike said to be carried out by the Saudi-led coalition hit a family home. The rescue efforts produced dramatic and jarring images of children trapped under the rubble. RT America’s Dan Cohen has this report. WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Spain stops delivery of bombs to Saudi Arabia because of war in Yemen

Spain has halted the supply of bombs to Saudi Arabia because of concerns about their use in Yemen. The Spanish Ministry of Defense confirms the news to Spanish media, but does not publish any details.

Spain signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia in 2015 on the sale of 400 laser-controlled bombs. 9.2 million euros were paid for this. The Spanish government…

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Rapport från en demokrati i förfall – Report from a democracy in decline

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I nättidningen kan ni läsa en insändare som har ett viktigt budskap inför valet.

Here’s a google translation of a letter to editor published in the digital newspaper

Report from a democracy in decline

In the country where we live, the people long ago decided that the state would rest on democratic grounds. Legal certainty, voting rights, freedom of belief and freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of business and right to education. These foundations are similar to Sweden’s.

With half a life’s experience from Sweden’s strict bureaucratic arrangements, we ended up in our new country four years ago. With our safety from old Sweden in the luggage, where we trusted the authorities to be on the side of the law and law-abiding citizens, we were naive. We thought democracy would work the same in the new country. We came here without experience of…

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Missing Teen,pls share TEXAS

Trump:The American Years

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Former Wattle Grove teacher Shane Matthews will serve at least10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to 33 child sex offences against his students, who have  bravely fought to bring him to justice !

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Former Wattle Grove teacher Shane Matthews will serve at least10 years behind bars after pleading guilty to 33 child sex offences against his students, who have bravely fought to bring him to justice !

FACAA would like to start by applauding the bravery of the survivors who have fought so hard to bring this horrendous predator to justice. He will serve between 10 and 18 years behind bars for his abhorrent crimes against his students. Without their courageous efforts he would still be operating as the vice principal of Woodland roads public school. In holding that position of power we have no doubt he would have continued to abuse children until he was caught.

Matthews previously pleaded guilty to 33 offences, including persistent child sexual abuse, indecent assault and procuring a child for unlawful sexual activity, committed largely between 2012 and 2015.
He has been in custody since police arrested…

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An Amicus Curiae Appeal in the Michael Cohen Plea Deal?

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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

I’m an old common law lawyer and need some statutory help here.

I recently wrote here, concerning Peter Strzok, what can happen to a case if an investigator turns up dirty. Dirty cop. The state has to go back and look to see all the other cases and convictions that cop was involved in, and determine whether the conviction of a perp w0ould hold up without the evidence he procured…because all the people he helped put away would surely appeal. Could go back years.

The same would apply to states or federal attorney-prosecutor if he/she were found to be dirty, let’s say, for accepting a bribe.

Ever worse a judge! Imagine all the cases they may have tried that would have to be reviewed.

Well, what if a judge, and the prosecutor and the defense counsel all three teamed up to defraud the People?


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Impt Message From Ian R Crane


Please complete & re-tweet the UK Government Survey On Permitted Development for Fracking.

GW: The Government are trying to remove the decision making process from Local Council Control!

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