John McCain’s Death Song

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Originally published on May 12, 2018 here and on May 10, 2018 at Veterans’ Tales by by Vassar Bushmills (@bushmillsvassar).

Veterans’ Tales by Vassar

Almost all the Western tribes had death songs; one for when they were about to die in battle, to taunt their enemy, another to tell their fathers they would soon be crossing over,  and a third, if their heart was bad, to disguise their fear of the uncertainty of crossing over.

My father’s mother, an insufferable and arrogant woman, would cross the street to the other side just to chastise black miners who did not doff their hat to her as she walked by. And she was from Indiana. My grandfather had a small side room where he kept a bed and a small library of religious texts, while my grandmother’s bedroom library was filled with Mickey Spillane mysteries. She shook her fist and railed against God all the years…

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The deceivers in democracies: Beware of the propagandists.

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The deceivers in democracies: Beware of the propagandists.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The propagandists are people spreading their propaganda for their vested interest.

In our lives we always encouter them either as lowly conmen or as well disguised respectable debaters or laws makers. It is still possible to spot them if we know their method of work.

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The deceivers in democracies: Beware of the propagandists.

1. The method of propagandists

They work following these steps, almost always in this given order.

a/- Spreading stories about some real cases of injustice to catch empathy.

b/- Enlarge and exagerate the seriousness and the extent of the problems.

c/- Create a catchy phrase as their battle cry.

d/- Mobilize the mob with the catch cries.

e/- Demand

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