IRS Approves Tax-Exempt Status For An Organization That Plans To Crowd-Source Funding For The Wall | Daily Wire

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Earlier this month, the Internal Revenue Service approved the America Border Foundation’s application to be recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization which has the goal of crowd-sourcing money toward building a border wall on the southern border.

The founder and Managing Director of the organization, Quentin Kramer of Maryland, said he bought the domain for the organization’s website,, in 2015 after having conversations about the possibility of crowd-sourcing the funding for the wall.

“When Americans elected President Trump, that came with a promise: we’re going to build a wall,” the website says. “The Democrats and the establishment Republicans in Congress would love to see this promise go unfulfilled. We are here to provide needed leverage and as necessary a funding source for the Department of Homeland Security so they can achieve operational security on our southern border including construction of the border wall.”

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