Focus On: Tackling Honor Killings in Europe

The Human Lens

Today’s Europe grapples with the growing problem of the so-called honor killings of women in different countries highlighting that we need comprehensive policy to deal with this complex phenomenon which is an ancient as mankind itself.

From mankind’s history we can trace honor murders events happening in Medieval Europe, Roman Empire and the Arab peninsulas. The concept that woman’s virginity belongs to her family  therefore for any deviation senior male members of the family have the right to execute an unmarried but sexually active woman, the story of killings in name of honor remains the same where the locations, circumstances and names change.

In recent times, the Council of Europe has brought much-needed attention on the killings of women by their community and family members for protection of so-called honor is far more extensive in different European states.

The Council of Europe has strongly condemned the crimes of “honor crimes” and  called for…

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