This post starts with what was, and what will destroy the World 💣💣

Kindness - Wisdom💥

What a wonderful place it was

No computers to Scam you

No computers to troll you

No computers to harass you

No computers to lead you astray

What on Earth did we create

Hell, on Earth for our future children

Eternity has no beginning and no end.

Cyber as we know it is the giant that will destroy our BEAUTIFUL World

We used to worry about climate change

We used to worry about the rubbish in the ocean

We used to worry about the environment

We used to worry about oxygen supplies, power and petrol.

We worried about murdering innocent souls in War

WAR in Cyberspace, TECHNOLOGY will destroy the World

Start debating this man made Giant Computer that now runs the World out of control. No being no ending

Peace be with us

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Senate Judiciary Comm: Ford/Kavanaugh Testimony Documents

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Below are documents pertaining to this morning’s confirmation hearing:

09-27-18 Ford Testimony

09-27-18 Ford Testimony Updated

09-27-18 Kavanaugh Testimony

2018-09-25 Grassley to Feinstein – Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing and Debra Ramirez

2018-09-24 Kavanaugh to Grassley – Kavanaugh Nomination

2018-09-24 Grassley Letter to Ford – Ford Allegations

2018-09-23 Feinstein letter to Graslsey – Requesting Postponement of Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing

2018-09-23 Grassley to Kavanaugh’s Attorney – Evidence Request

2018-09-23 Grassley Letter to Ford’s Attorneys – Evidence Request

2018-09-22 Ford Letter to Grassley – Ford Allegations

65 Women Who Know Kavanaugh From High School – Kavanaugh Nomination

64 Of Kavanaugh’s High School Freinds – Avenatti Allegation

The above documents among others are available for viewing here and here.

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Population Control only at home + Open border = Population Replacement.

Additional survival tricks

Population Control only at home + Open border = Population Replacement.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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#population replacement, #population replacement denier, #population control, #open border, #green movement, #mass immigration,

Population Control only at home + Open border = Population Replacement.

1. Undeniable consequence.

Green movements are remarkably absent in those countries with population explosion while they are quite vocal in developed countries (with negative or low population growth). GREEN AT ALL COST is literally throwing Australians into the cold.

“Greens leader Richard Di Natale… is urging the government to intervene in the free market, and ban the newly created power provider from buying electricity generated from fossil fuels, such as coal and gas.” [1, 2]

“More than US$70 billion of support is provided by governments to renewable energy…

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Trade war tactics, Part 7: Reviving tariffs and quotas.

Additional survival tricks

Trade war tactics, Part 7: Reviving tariffs and quotas.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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There are always countries which disregard social justice and international laws. Other countries cannot declare wars against them but they can engage in economic activities called “trade wars” that are also effective in putting pressure on the transgressors.

For example, some transgressor may use its economic strength to destroy domestic industries of other nations through predatory pricing, disregard laws on intellectual properties of other nations and give no reciprocity to market access.

#trade war, #predatory pricing, #product dumping, #tariff, #quota, #Green movement, #conservation,

Trade war tactics, Part 7: Reviving tariffs and quotas.

1. Time line of current trade war.

2018 January 23:

30% tariff on solar panels (most of them are from China) reducing to…

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What Caused Nearly 50 PetSmart Grooming Deaths?


Since 2008, there have been 47 documented cases of dogs dying during or after a PetSmart grooming appointment in 14 states, according to a disturbing new report published Sept. 20 on The number of deaths is probably even higher, since dog grooming is an unregulated industry.

After the December 2017 death of an English bulldog named Scruffles at the PetSmart in Flemington, NJ, reporters Sophie Nieto-Muñoz and Alex Napoliello began a six-month investigation into the company. They reviewed lawsuits, media reports and veterinary records, and interviewed 100 pet owners as well as PetSmart employees, lawyers, grooming experts and veterinarians.

The interviews with the owners of dogs who died as a result of being groomed at PetSmart are heartbreaking. Among them are Nick Pomilio, who in February 2017 took his English bulldog, Capone, to a store in the Philadelphia area for what should have been a simple nail trim.

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Then what,…


… how do you get back from there? Another woman has come forward to accuse the Supreme Court nominee of inappropriate sexual behavior. Now two have made allegations and the Judge denies the allegations. So just who are we to believe? Do we believe the one(s)making the allegations simply because they are women? Do we believe the one denying the accusations because he is an honorable Judge?

If I were to guess every democrat senator believes the accusations of both and nary a one believes the Judges denials. If any more surface they will believe them as well. Based on what? A letter that had been sat on for weeks if not months. The Senator was the second one to see the letter. She was also the last until it became apparent that the Judge was a shoo-in to become an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. Why did not…

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Don’t Share This! EU’s New Copyright Law Could Kill The Free Internet | Zero Hedge

Kindness - Wisdom💥

Oh, what next

None of us own words

Words are just to help us communicate

What next

Personally over the years creating words minlipalated into content with my own graphics has always been free to anyone

Reading Copyright restrictions is just another big SCAM all about the Dollar.

Think about THIS

Anyway what’s really is going on here is for those that do attempt to copywrite their stuff,

are in for a huge shock. For us BLOGGERS the Monterey Dollar they charge you as an individual is not affordable anyway.

I beggar the belief that quotes especially are impossible to create new stuff cause there is trillions out there anyway. There we go again trying to recreate the WHEEL, ALL READY MADE .

SOMETIMES as I check ( just for fun) SOME OF MY STUFF cleaver little vegemite’s have created a new version with better graphics.

THERE is no…

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Is America reaching its end phase ?

Additional survival tricks

Is America reaching its end phase ?

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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#end phase, #America, #empire, #signs

Is America reaching its end phase ?

Empires don’t last forever [1]. America empire may be now reaching its end phase.

1. Signs of American end phase.

American Congress is now in the hands of half-citizens (each congress member with dual citizenship has only half-loyalty to America) and is under tremendous pressure from lobbyists.

Congress and Supreme Court are fighting hard to take-over Presidential power: Supreme Court tries to incapacitate Executive power (as granted by the Constitution) on many cases then give Congress the final says on those cases.

American politicians are now denouncing populism of their own President Donald Trump and of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban[5] . They are…

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Gowdy: Russia Docs Are ‘Embarrassing’ For John Brennan, DOJ And FBI | The Daily Caller

Trump:The American Years

Trey Gowdy said classified documents from the Russia probe contain information that is “embarrassing” for former CIA Director John Brennan, the FBI and Justice Department. Gowdy made the remarks during an interview Thursday. By Friday, President Donald Trump reneged on an order to declassify a slew of documents from the investigation. Gowdy also teased documents related to George Papadopoulos, the former Trump adviser who allegedly sparked the FBI’s investigation.South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy said the information in a batch of Russia investigation documents that President Donald Trump was considering for declassification will prove “embarrassing” for the Department of Justice, FBI and former CIA Director John Brennan.Gowdy made the remarks in an interview with Fox News on Thursday. The next day, President Donald Trump retracted his order to the Justice Department to declassify and release the documents. But the Republican left open the possibility that the records could be released…

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