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Need I say more? Behöver jag säga mer?

Vänder på nimby-argumentet 😉

Turning the nimby argument around 😉

Sign the Save Trosa nature petition here:

Skriv under för att behålla Trosas närnatur här:

We’re 450 people who have signed already. If we can get more names we can demand a voting action for Trosa nature.

Hittills har 450 personer skrivit under. Om vi samlar fler namn kan vi begära folkomröstning för att behålla Trosas närnatur och uppfylla klimatmålen istället för att genomföra projekt som går tvärsemot de målen.

Hjälp Trosa att uppfylla klimatmålen!

Help our municipality to fulfill carbon law!


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Pakistan’s Aurat March – Here We Smash Patriarchy

The Human Lens

The International Women’s Day held on 8 March annually in Pakistan was celebrated with such vibrancy and loud noise that we made waves across the society and elsewhere. Women right groups, feminists and gender focused social and political institutions came together to the roads of major cities in the country where thousands of women marched smashing our patriarchal socoiety.

Women hailing from all ethnic communities, religious faiths came from the most rural to the urbanized sections of the country to shame the culture of violence that we are faced with as Pakistani women.

Highlights from the Aurat March ( translation women March) include:

  • The multi-faced event that took place on a national scale of women’s mobilization through the Aurat March debunks the general belief that as women we are not conscious of our own oppression.
  • Pakistan’s  grassroots feminist efforts  working on the question of gender are a strong base, yet…

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Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: “It was all a Set-up” – Sara A. Carter

Trump:The American Years

Adam Lovinger, a former Defense Department analyst, never expected that what he stumbled on during his final months at the Pentagon would expose an integral player in the FBI’s handling of President Donald Trump’s campaign and alleged Russia collusion.Lovinger, a whistleblower, is now battling to save his career. 

Pentagon suspended his top-secret security clearance May 1, 2017, when he exposed through an internal review that Stefan Halper, who was then an emeritus Cambridge professor, had received roughly $1 million in tax-payer funded money to write Defense Department foreign policy reports, his attorney Sean Bigley said. Before Lovinger’s clearance was suspended he had taken a detail to the National Security Council as senior director for strategy.

He was only there for five months before he was recalled to the Pentagon, stripped of his prestigious White House detail, and ordered to perform bureaucratic make-work in a Pentagon annex Bigley calls “the land…

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What the Democrats and Their “Media” Allies are Hiding From You: President Trump’s Policies Has Our Economy BOOMING…

Trigger Reset

Let’s see…Retailers are saying this:

  • Walmart VP of Investor Relations Dan Binder: “Job growth is great. Wages are up. Credit is expanding … So the consumer is in great shape. In the surveys that we look at, they tell us that they are feeling good about their financial condition.”
  • Home Depot CFO Carol B. Tomé: “As we look to the back half of the year, we continue to expect strong economic growth, with the backdrop of a healthy home improvement environment. Homeowners continue to enjoy home price appreciation, and rising wages and low unemployment have driven consumer confidence to record high levels.”
  • Macy’s CEO Jeffrey Gennette: “Based on the first-half performance, our strong execution and the anticipation of continued healthy consumer spending, we’re raising both sales and earnings guidance for the year.”
  • Lowe’s CFO Marshall A. Croom: “We expect to see solid sector growth driven by gains in employment which…

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