Voting for nature – rösta för närnaturen

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At fb page Mötesplats 0156 you can in Swedish read about how to vote if you don’t want the politicians to destroy more nature.

fb-sidan Mötesplats 0156 kan du som röstberättigad i Trosa kommun läsa om hur du kan rösta för att påverka politikerna att inte förstöra mer närnatur i Trosa.

It’s a complicated voting situation. We sort of have to blocks of politicians and then we have one party that doesn’t belong to any of those groups.

In U.S. I think you have two colors of the blocks. The red and the blue team. In Sweden we have those colors too, but in opposite meaning. The U.S. red team is our blue team. The ones that doesn’t belong to either blue or read team goes with the brown team.

Almost everyone in the Swedish blue team wants to build the new road that will destroy nature and increase…

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President Trump’s Winning: Black American Business Ownership Jumps 400% in One Year…

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Yet another great news item the Establishment Media is trying to ignore because it reflects so positively on the job Donald Trump is doing as president. 

The number of black-owned businesses is up by 400% since this time last year. 

As black unemployment remains at historic lows, The number of small businesses owned by African Americans in the United States has exploded by 400% year-over-year, according to a survey of more than 2,600 small business owners and entrepreneurs by Guidant Financial.

The survey reveals that in 2018, 45% of small business owners were minorities – up from just 15% three years ago, with the majority of them belonging to African American owners.

BlackBuisnessesFollowing African Americans, Hispanics were the next largest group of minority small business owners representing 14% of the business owners interviewed for the survey. Meanwhile, Asians made up 8% of the business owners surveyed while Native Americans made…

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