“Stop F*cking Filming and Help Me”; Lousy Security Guard Fired After This…

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Houston, TX – Only one bystander came to the aid of a Houston police officer who was struggling with a combative 17-year-old armed robbery suspect, but several more stood around recording the altercation on their phones (video below).

One of the witnesses filming the altercation appeared to be a uniformed security guard.

“Help me!” the officer yelled to her, as the suspect reached for his duty weapon during the altercation. “Stop f–king filming and help me!”

The incident occurred at a gas station near Greenville, after an unnamed Houston police officer stopped a vehicle in connection with a shooting and aggravated robbery in Harris County, KPRC reported.

The driver, later identified as 17-year-old Davon Shavelle Miller, took off running from the vehicle, at which point an unnamed Houston police officer chased him and tackled him to the ground.

Cell phone footage captured the fight that ensued.

“Stop resisting!” one bystander…

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Good Girl With a Gun: Lady Biker Violently Attacked, Remembers She’s Packin’ Heat…

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A 24-year-old woman riding her motorcycle in Pierce County, Washington, came under a road rage attack from a 60-year-old man and ultimately shot and killed him to stop his assault on her.

The Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office has ruled that the woman, Aubrey Bowlin, will not face prosecution for the death.

LadyBiker.JPGAubrey Bowlin, Don’t mess with her…

The road rage incident occurred in February, but Bowlin is just now publicly providing details. On August 17 she spoke to KIRO Radio about it, explaining how she looked in her mirror to see Jones driving right up on the tail-end of her motorcycle.

When she stopped, she said Jones drove up beside her and tried to hit her: “The one time I leave a little too much space for the car in front of me, he then proceeds to go onto the shoulder and try to ram me with his car on the…

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Criminal turtle farm discovered in Mallorca, Spain

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This August 2017 video is called Turtle in Dragonera island, Mallorca.

That is a wild sea turtle.

However, on the land of Mallorca island, not all was going well for turtles.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Biggest illegal turtle farm in Europe discovered on Mallorca

An illegal turtle farm has been dismantled on Mallorca. According to the European police organization Europol, it was probably the largest of its kind in Europe. A gang sold the animals for prizes up to 10,000 euros each.

On the farm, police found specimens of fourteen of the fifty most endangered turtle species. There were turtles from the USA, Canada, Mexico and South Africa.

In total, the Guardia Civil seized more than 1100 turtles and 750 eggs during Operation Coahuila. And there will be more, because two hundred of the female turtles are about to lay…

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Indian Social And Political concerns

Imagine to be taken into a dingy room, in a dark decrepit building. Imagine being pinned down on the floor. Imagine your underwear being taken off. Imagine seeing a knife being heated on the gas stove. Imagine a same knife slicing your clitoris. Imagine a minor girl suffering from this kind of myth of the society.”
The inhuman practice of FGM refers to all non-therapeutic procedures that involve the total or partial removal of external female genitalia, also this is known as KHAFZ. This inhumane practice of FGM is practices in Shia Dawodi Bohra community. This practice is done on the minor girls without their consent and knowledge on this.

There is a lot of importance of human rights in this 21st century according to which these kinds of barbaric practices must be ban as it is the clear-cut violation of Article 14 (equality before law), Article 19 (freedom…

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