@POTUS Good a.m. Tweet – Priceless!

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I am not one to look for President Donald J. Trump’s morning tweets because I don’t have to. The mainstream media holds such disdain for our sitting President, that they wait every morning on pins and needles for the first tweet of the day.

This morning was different. I beat them to it and boy, oh boy (is that sexist?), was it definitely worth it! Priceless and funny.

Not one to end there, Alan Dershowitz, more than happy to chime in is making heads explode through the Communist media complex.

Speaking of heads exploding, watch CNN FAKE NEWS’ Chris Cuomo embellish and reach for something that is not there. The man is delusional.

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La Voce Della Terra – Orang Asli’s Acivist Tata’ Aban Anjang

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31516683_424266594711329_2858767722987126784_n Credits:Blocks To Block: Orang Asli Gua Musang

MEET Tata’ Aban Anjang whose in his 80s, an elder from the indigenous Temiar community, the Senoic group indigenous of the Malay peninsula and one of the largest of the eighteen Orang Asli groups of Malaysia.

He is also a former Senoi Praaq army veteran from Pos Gob, Gua Musang in Kelantan. Pictured extreme right in orang t-shirt he stands with the younger generation of Orang Asli activists that are fighting to preserve their traditional territories that are under attack from modernization modules.

Tata Aban has spent his life time  fighting for justice and is still very active even today in his golden years for preserving the fast vanishing indigenous culture of Orang Asli. This time his is one of the front line defenders that are actively engaged in ‘fighting’ to protect the last of the forests in their traditional territories, now threatened with deforestation &…

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