Speaking MY Truth about Church Coverup

Take It Upon Yourself

One of my beloved cousins told me to speak my truth years ago, but I wasn’t always brave enough to do so, for fear of hurting other people’s feelings.
Then, one day, I realized I am not responsible for other people’s feelings and cannot please everyone.
So, what did I say that ruffled some feathers?
Well, I spoke my truth in response to a Facebook post about a 70+ year coverup involving abuse and rape of children in the Catholic church! These horrors were put upon innocent and trusting children as young as, in one documented case, 18 months of age!
Church members (definitely the upper clergy members) are supposed to hold each other accountable. Far too many forget this.
Everyone has the ability to choose Compassion and forgive.
Everyone has the right to choose their faith.
But, clergy in the Catholic church allowed the abuse and rape of children…

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Australian archbishop avoids prison after concealing child abuse


Australian archbishop avoids prison after concealing child abuse

Philip Wilson was sentenced to 12 months for covering up sexual abuse of children by priest from the Catholic Church.

Philip Wilson helped conceal sexual abuse by a priest in the 1970s [Peter Lorimer/AFP]
Philip Wilson helped conceal sexual abuse by a priest in the 1970s [Peter Lorimer/AFP

A former Australian archbishop found guilty of concealing the sexual abuse of children in the 1970s will not have to serve his sentence in prison and was allowed to do it at home instead.

Philip Wilson, 67, was sentenced to one year in jail for helping cover up crimes by priest Jim Fletcher in the Hunter region of New South Wales state.

Magistrate Robert Stone ruled on Tuesday that Wilson will not need to spend time behind bars, with his age and prior good record taken into account.

Wilson will be detained at his sister’s house for at least six months before he is eligible for parole. He…

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Feds Urge Parents to Stop Using ‘Nap Nanny’ After Sixth Death


Feds Urge Parents to Stop Using ‘Nap Nanny’ After Sixth Death


PHOTO: The Nap Nanny infant recliner was recalled in 2013 due to safety concerns. Pictured is a reenactment with a doll, provided by the CPSC, which demonstrates incorrect use of a Nap Nanny placed in a crib.

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A sixth baby has died while using a recalled “Nap Nanny” infant recliner, with safety experts again urging parents to stop using the product.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, the latest tragedy involved an 8-month-old girl from New Jersey. The baby suffocated while secured by a belt, trapped between the product and a crib bumper. CPSC officials said the infant was found stuck over the side of a Nap Nanny.

After 5 Deaths, Stores Recall Nap Nanny Recliners

Feds File Suit Against Nap Nanny Maker

CPSC Communications Director Scott Wolfson said parents should avoid the recliners at yard sales, as hand-me-downs or in…

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Maravillas Occupied Center in Pamplona Evicted in Night Battle

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After a week with the presence of the provincial police, of secrets, of helicopters flying over the Casco Viejo and crossing statements of the different parties of government and opposition, Maravillas Gaztetxea was attacked last night without warning by hundreds of  heavily armed police.Image result for Maravillas Gaztetxea

La Policía Nacional y Foral desalojan, a base de cargas, el Gaztetxe ‘Maravillas’ de Pamplona. https://twitter.com/i/status/1030317808465465344

Neighbours and occupiers were holding a round the clock guard and the alarm was quickly raised

Neighbours and occupiers were keeping a round the clock guard and raised the alarm.


The police deployed a giant crane to lift riot police onto the roof and balconies.

Word quickly spread around the cities and hundreds of neighbours and supporters attempted to block the narrow streets.


Pamplona/Irun has been without an occupied center for years due to the rightwing government and the eviction was…

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Swamp Watch: James Comey and His Homeboy, Robert Mueller (video)

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The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton on Sunday night during his “Swamp Watch” segment exposed the corruption and dirty dealings of former FBI directors and long-time bff’s James Comey and special prosecutor, Robert Mueller.

Hilton went from Lockheed Martin to Booz Allen Hamilton to Bridgewater Associates.  One of the most interesting parts of the segment was Robert Mueller’s connection to Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Allow me to back track four months when during an interview, Tim Cook, who allegedly prides himself on Apple’s “strong stance” when it comes to protecting the privacy and data of its customers stated the following:

“We care about the user experience. And we’re not going to traffic in your personal life. I think it’s an invasion of privacy … Privacy to us is a human right.  It’s a civil liberty … [I]n something that is unique to America, you know, this is like freedom of speech…

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Jehovah’s Witnesses’ child abuse survivor speaks

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Dutch Ms Hadassah Wiersma was abused for years by her Jehovah's Witnesses uncle and aunt. Photo: NOS

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses: ‘They treat us, the victims, as perpetrators

Thirty years ago, Hadassah Wiersma first filed a complaint against relatives for sexual abuse. Her uncle and aunt, who are members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses church, were never prosecuted because there was too little evidence. A few years later she tried again, but again without success.

Now Wiersma is more hopeful, because the Public Prosecutor is going to investigate nine cases of sexual violence within the denomination. Wiersma is one of those nine. “I was alone before, we now have a larger group around us, and as a group we hope to achieve the same goal that I wanted to achieve as a small individual thirty years ago”, says Wiersma.

Watch the story of Hadassah in the 16 August 2018 video below:

When Wiersma was 8 years old, she regularly…

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